Telum Talks To… Brent Deverman, Director,

Telum Talks To… Brent Deverman, Director,

Director of, Brent Deverman shares his role and inspirations of launching the new website in China, as well as the development and future plans for

Can you tell us more about your role and duties at
I am the Director and my role involves setting editorial strategies, monitoring trends, business development and product management for, including staying alert with the market changes on digital marketing and content, social media management and business partnerships. This past year we have expanded to additional properties with for Greater Bay Area events and for our editorial content. I also work with a small team of editors, freelancers, photographers and designers to ensure all the content and tools on the website and other channels are ready for users to view and use. And finally, I am also representing to manage business partners and digital marketing strategies through social media channels, Google tools, mailing lists and partners collaboration.

How big is the editorial team and their duties?
The editorial team is a small team here involving an operations manager and a few associate editors looking for pitches and collaborations for content write-ups. My team often attends different events looking for new materials to regularly publishes articles about activities and events in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area that targets to the English-speaking expatriates and tourists who are shuttling around the Greater Bay Area.

How did you come up to launch Any inspirations?
I was living and working in Shenzhen 20 years ago. Then I had the need for myself and it became my hobby to discover the hidden happenings and activities. Also, I realised that there were lack of English guides and information for English speakers travelling or living in Shenzhen at that time. Therefore, I wanted to create a more comprehensive English guide that aggregated the best of what Shenzhen had to offer to the English-speaking people living or working in Shenzhen. I also wanted to collaborate with different business partners to provide useful and informative lifestyle and business information on hotels, restaurants, jobs and real estate, allowing foreigners the chance to experience the country beyond its tourist attractions and inexpensive goods.

How do you differentiate with other similar publication or website?
We go the deepest on Shenzhen for people who are interested to discover business needs and happenings in the city. There is no such a particular publication or guide that only targets to Shenzhen visitors and foreigners in the area and discovers the hidden treasures that can only be found with local knowledge. I can say we are the first mover to make Shenzhen into a brand, and we are the primary directory in Shenzhen with various social channels and comprehensive information in every category.

What are your future plans for
We will continue to improve the design and user content updating daily on events and the directory. We are soft launching the “Event Calendar” allowing partners to submit events on our site. We already have 3,600 events around the Greater Bay Area. Next is to revamp the front door to a more user-friendly, mobile responsive and informative directory with more functions, brands and categories for easy search and view.

What are your most challenging and memorable experiences so far with starting up
It is super challenging to start up a business in China and Shenzhen as there are lots of technical and legal restrictions for foreign business. As the site contains multiple businesses such as real estate and job search functions in one platform, it has been more challenging to modernise the site. It is not just a pure content platform, but is also a networking platform for businesses and social communications. After this transformation, we will grow past 500,000+ visitors per year we get now.

How should PRs pitch you stories? What topics interest you and your team most?
Just simply email, Whatsapp or Wechat us for related press releases, events invitations and press materials. We are interested in any happenings in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area with outdoor, family, wellness, F&B, hotels events and also art and culture and performances that target the people in the area.

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