Telum Talks To... Bryan Wood, Video Producer, Reuters Hong Kong

Telum Talks To... Bryan Wood, Video Producer, Reuters Hong Kong

As a young journalist, what made you to decide to join the media industry? Could you tell us a little bit about your journey?
I grew up in a small town on the U.S.-Mexico border, which in retrospect, opened my eyes to countless stories I’d later realise are considered “fringe.” Stories of hardship and resilience, like those of my peers in elementary and high school, are often underreported and misunderstood.

I’m a journalist to expose truths often unheard. That wasn’t always the plan; I studied history and film and considered a career in academia. I’m grateful for the critical thinking skills I obtained from my Northwestern education that I can now apply to the daily grind at Reuters.

Can you introduce the editorial team and Reuters TV's day-to-day operation? What is the editorial focus of your team? 
I’m a producer on the “packaged video” team. Like clients of Reuters, we edit together video shot by videojournalists in the field to accompany articles online or to be distributed digitally on our video platform or social media accounts. There are also broadcast and radio clients that may use part of the video package for their outlet.

Our stories follow breaking and global headlines, mostly. There are times, however, when longer pieces are necessary to contextualise breaking news. For those, we rely on first-hand accounts and experts to fill in the blanks.

How is your daily life as a Journalist at Reuters TV like? Is there any routine you follow when you produce a story?
A story is either pitched or assigned, depending on the latest news calendar. From there, I script an audio and visual-friendly story, which is then sub-edited and approved by a senior or peer.

I voice the story in an audio booth (or under a comforter if I work from home) and edit the piece together using Adobe Premiere. The final result is usually 1-2 minutes. 

Any suggestions to PRs who would like to work with you?
We rely on industry experts to contextualise news stories. If there’s a breaking story on the way, we’d love to know about it! That way, an interview can be done early and accurately either in person or over a video call.

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