Telum Talks To...Carly Flynn, Newsreader and Podcast Host

Telum Talks To...Carly Flynn, Newsreader and Podcast Host

By Chloe Arentz

As a Newsreader for Today FM and a Podcast Host, what does a day in your life look like? 
The alarm goes off at 4am and it's a quick and quiet hustle into work (while not waking up the family) and straight into the studio live from 4.30am with Rachel Smalley for First Light. It's a busy show reporting on overnight and breaking news while also setting up the day's news agenda.

The Tova show is live from 6.30am which is more news and interviews, and finishes off with a bit of fun between Tova, Duncan Garner and I, adjudicating our "debate club" moot which can get very competitive. I clock off around 9am depending on whether we're recording a podcast episode or not and head off to take over family duties for the day. I also freelance news read at Discovery for a variety of TV news shows, so some days can involve heading to do that as well.

What originally drew you to the media industry? Did you always know you were going to work in radio? 
I love talking to people, and being able to help share and tell stories. I've always been drawn to the media industry and left school at 16 to do my degree. My godfather was a founding producer at TV3, so I guess he role-modelled that working in television and radio was possible. 

WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT… is your podcast on TodayFM. For someone who has never listened to it before, can you tell us a bit about it? 
I wanted to have longer format chats with people in the public eye that we think we know but really don't. The past two seasons uncovered a surprising weight loss surgery, a prominent comedian who has two biological children, many tales of surprising imposter syndrome, and panic attack moments. There have been tales of adoption and breast reduction, and some gobsmacking, jaw-dropping "WTF" moments where we've all laughed, sometimes cried, and forgotten we're on-air.

Many of my guests have come out and said that they didn't mean to be quite so revealing and that being on this podcast is like a good therapy session!

What can listeners expect from the podcast in 2023?
I think people are becoming more and more open about who they really are and they are more prepared to be as authentic as possible and share - which I love because that's how I live, with my heart on my sleeve.

With that vulnerability comes relatability. No matter who you are or what you do, we're all human, just trying to do our best. So, expect more great honest chats, and uncover some more truths and surprising things we don't know about people we think we know.

Do you have any tips for media professionals getting in touch with leads or pitches for any of your roles? 
I'm always happy to be pitched to and have many different media roles from news to lifestyle so someone who has a clear idea of why their pitch works for a specific show or platform is key.  

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