Telum Talks To... Chang Tze-Wu, Managing Editor, The Reporter

Chang Tze-Wu is a Managing Editor of The Reporter, a Taiwan-based online media dedicated to in-depth and investigative reporting, which is also a frequent prize holder in multiple local and international news awards since it was launched in December 2015.

This year, Tze Wu’s feature story “The Hung Dang Xing Case: Taiwan’s First Death Penalty Trial Involving Children’s Voices” has won the SOPA Award for Excellence.

Telum Media recently spoke to him to find out about his expertise and how he collects news materials, as well as other topics which may interest the non-profit online portal.

Below are the key takeaways: 
  • Tze Wu writes long-form features at The Reporter. He is experienced in covering court, legal system and mental illness topics, but he is also interested in climate change, global warming and other environmental issues.
  • He comes up with story ideas through observe trends in daily life, and would spend time flipping through books and dissertations in library to research on a certain topic.
  • The Reporter works mostly on features rather than breaking news. In the newsroom, topics come from the reporters instead of being assigned by editors. The editorial team holds a weekly meeting, discussing the topics reporters found interesting to cover. Depending on the complexity of projects, reporters may divide into smaller working teams.
  • The Reporter also covers international news while Tze Wu focuses more on domestic stories.
  • He does not receive pitch from PR, but the marketing team of The Reporter sometimes cooperate with external parties for stories, mostly with NGOs, on cultural or charity events.
Watch the full interview, or jump ahead to these parts:

00:05 - What do the SOPA awards mean to you and your team?
01:26 - What is the most difficult part when you are working on your award-winning project?
02:26 - How do you research for a story?
03:26 - How does the newsroom operate at The Reporter?
04:58 - What topics are you interested in reporting?
06:29 - Can PR professionals pitch to The Reporter?

Video duration: 7 minutes and 37 seconds
Language: Mandarin

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