Telum Talks To… Charlene Chan, Content Lead, Spafax Singapore

Telum Talks To… Charlene Chan, Content Lead, Spafax Singapore

Can you share more about what Spafax Singapore does?
We are a team of content creators and media sales professionals specialising in the travel and lifestyle sectors. We develop media assets and strategy for clients across print, digital, social media, and in-flight touchpoints, and connect our partners with the relevant media platforms to help them achieve their brand and commercial objectives.

In terms of the in-flight industry, what are some of the biggest changes and challenges that the pandemic has brought on?
Since there is no domestic air travel in Singapore, our airlines were hit especially hard when borders closed around the world. There was a trickle-down effect on the level of engagement we had with passengers in-flight, and naturally, advertising revenue fell sharply as well.

The biggest change has been a shift in mindset among clients and consumers; we’re all now a lot more open and keener to embrace and consume media digitally! This is especially true within the in-flight environment, where passengers are keen to avoid high-touch surfaces like print magazines.

Clients who were experiencing a bit of inertia in adopting digital media platforms have found the push they needed to do so. For us, this means we’re thinking more strategically about how we can continue to deliver meaningful content in ways that are intuitive for users on digital platforms.

In light of the travel borders reopening, can you shed some light on how the travel and hospitality industry is making its comeback?
The industry has bounced back with a vengeance. We’re being introduced to both new and refreshed concepts on a daily basis, and it’s heartening to see travel and hospitality brands addressing some of the issues - sustainability, mental and emotional well-being, responsible travel - that were brought to the forefront during the pandemic.

Advertisers are starting to feel a little more confident and hopeful, and we expect advertising dollars to follow. On the editorial side of things, recent developments have opened up many more story opportunities, so it’s an exciting time for our writers and contributors.

What are some travel-related trends that the society can anticipate in the upcoming rest of the year?
The pandemic has made us re-evaluate our travel habits, and we’re seeing a lot more slow travel concepts and mindful experiences these days. Whether it’s leisurely journeys by rail, opportunities to appreciate art and good design, or learning from local communities and cultures, I’d expect more intentional travel experiences that serve the self, our society, and the environment at large.

What kind of travel-related pitches are you looking for and how can PRs pitch to you?
We’re always on the lookout for unique experiences and destinations that are off the beaten path. We also appreciate it when we get opportunities to speak directly to the founders and key individuals within the brand or organisation that’s seeking coverage. Such conversations typically spark new ideas and angles and gives any story we eventually run a lot more mileage. 

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go and why?
Antarctica. I find it both fascinating and inspiring that the continent doesn’t fall under the governance of any one country, but remains open to people of all nations for purposes of scientific research. I think this says something about our potential for mutual respect, intellectual curiosity, and peace.

If you could say something to those who are planning to travel soon, what would it be and why?
Stay curious, be kind, and enjoy!

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