Telum Talks To... Chen Shenglong, Editorial Director, World News,

Telum Talks To... Chen Shenglong, Editorial Director, World News,

What is the target audience of the international news coverage led by is devoted to providing financial news and business reports for investment decision-makers and managers in China. The international section keeps our readers abreast of the international trends for them to identify new business opportunities and high-growth areas.

What kind of stories do you think would be valuable to your audience? 
First and foremost, our target audience would want anything that is worth reading, something that is inspiring and serves as the "fulcrum of change". Only by then do they want to read something that is eye-opening. Having said that, not only do we write catchy headlines, we produce features and conduct exclusive interviews with key influencers worldwide. For example, we covered a series of stories regarding "travelling to Africa" and exclusive interviews with Avram Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Žižek.

In April this year, we launched a premium subscription model providing exclusive access to more than 1,000 articles on a yearly basis for investors and managers. These articles are categorised into four sections: Spot Major Trends, Explore Investment Values, Identify Business Opportunities and Build Knowledge Base. Feel free to sign up for the service.

How do you source your stories?
Our sources include but are not limited to think-tank reports, news reports from major media outlets, insights shared by industry peers and social media posts. We also have reporters and contributors based in the US, Europe, Australia, Japan and South Korea, providing original insights on the ground. In terms of our proprietary sources, we send our reporters to major cities across the country with a view to diversifying our coverage on different issues and topics.

You mainly cover macroeconomics and technology. How do you collaborate with other teams at
We at has clearly defined job responsibilities, though we do cooperate with other teams on specific matters. Taking the disappearance of the MH370 and the Tham Luang cave incident as examples, our reporters cooperated with other colleagues, with some of them coming from the travel and transportation desks, as we wanted to cover the story from different perspectives.

Working as a team, we try to offer our unique take on matters we cover and provide readers with the bigger picture. From diplomacy and geopolitics to regional trends and policy changes, we want to keep our readers abreast of things that will have an impact on the economy and business environment.

You worked for international media like Bloomberg Businessweek China. How did you build your news sense when it comes to choosing an international business story?
It all comes down to independent thinking and learning by doing. Why did things happen in a particular way? How could we solve a particular problem? To be more specific, don't be afraid of trying to find out more from talking to different people and learning new techniques. You never know how the new knowledge - from knowing about a particular data terminal to understanding a news service from inside out, will help you in future. And of course, pick a story that will suit the audience of the particular platform you work for.

Any topics you are looking at now?
There are plenty, ranging from the post-COVID economic bounceback to overseas investment opportunities for Chinese companies. We are also paying close attention to the impact of the Afghan civil war on the stability of neighbouring regions, big data security and the Chinese government's latest antitrust policies.

Tips for story pitches?
Send me an email or event invitation if it's related to Chinese companies' overseas expansion, trade, security and international exchanges.

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