Telum Talks To… Chris Wright, Asia Editor, Euromoney (Singapore) and Podcast Host, Money and the Moonshot

Chris talked about launching his new podcast Money and Moonshot, commented on advertising trends in podcasts and also dished out some advice to those entering the journalism profession during this COVID-19 adversity.

  • Self-proclaimed space junkie Chris Wright said that it never occurred to him that his passion for space could connect with his regular day job which is writing about finance and capital markets for Euromoney. While discussing ideas with Chris Hunt, another space fanatic and Executive Producer, podcasts and Euromoney, they realised that the financial side of space exploration had its own story to tell and the idea for the Money and the Moon podcast series was born.

    “(The podcast) doesn’t really feel like a classic podcast; it feels almost like a radio documentary just because that is how we felt the story unfolded best.”
  • Chris also shared his experiences in creating the podcast, the first one he produced and even discusses the mistake he made and how he rectified them.

    “I made a mistake which I suspect is typical of a lot of print journalists – I basically wrote an article and called it a script… (Then) you think not just about the written word that might come from an interview but how it sounded in the first place and how to put a proper narrative theme on it. (For me) that took a while actually. I spent a couple of months redrafting scripts…”
  • Money and the Moonshot is sponsored by Citi. Chris explains that companies and brands are becoming more interested in supporting podcasting content.

    “Banks have stepped away naturally from print advertising over the last 10 to 15 years, but they do still have money to deploy in markets and I think some of them are looking for interesting ways to do it… They are clearly thinking, “Why not podcasts? They capture people’s attention for a long period of time so why not have our name attached to them.
  • As all media organisations, Euromoney has been affected by the pandemic but while Chris is able to find enough stories to write about, he misses meeting his interviewees face-to-face.

    “There is activity to write about and people will still talk to us in these circumstances through Zoom or by phone, but it does not change the fact that you do get more (from them) in person.”
  • Having worked in journalism for almost three decades, Chris reveals that he gained some wisdom while producing Money and the Moonshot:

    “One thing I learnt is that work does not have to be boring. It is alright to have your passions and bring them to work and try to link them in ways that connect with a broader audience. They are not necessarily mutually exclusive. If you are on a subject you are passionate about and you enjoy it, it is just bound to be better work…”

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