Telum Talks To… Dalyanta Sembiring, Founder, Contentro

Telum Talks To… Dalyanta Sembiring, Founder, Contentro

Telum spoke with Dalyanta Sembiring as he shared the importance of content for brands and to engage with journalists in Indonesia during the pandemic.

You were a journalist more than two decades ago, why did you move into PR and do you think your experience as a journalist helps you as a PR?
PR side is moving very fast, driven by technological developments. The media world remains interesting, but PR involves dynamic strategies as well as a variety of unique approaches to achieving goals. I think this what interests me the most. My experience as a technology and lifestyle journalist is very helpful in developing and conveying messages, understanding the media and journalists and establishing partnerships with various partners who can support our clients' businesses.
Most of our clients are corporate communication executives who knew me as a journalist and PR department leader at one of the biggest fashion events in Indonesia. They've worked with me and know how I work, so we can continue the chemistry in every new project. 

Apart from being a PR, you are also a Content Creation Specialist. Do you think it's important for a company to actively update their blog pages? Why?
I think brands today have to be content creators as well. They also need to be creative and have the ability to read trends. With that, brands can present content that can really be enjoyed,  trusted and have a strong influence. A number of major brands are already aware of this and we’re glad that we are trusted to support their content through blogs, for example, Bukalapak, PropertyGuru and Dekoruma. Those brands understand that blogs have an important role to play in building authority, increasing credibility to trigger conversions.

Right now, one of our missions is also to help more businesses grow with the support of strong content strategies because I’ve seen a few brands which haven’t applied this on their comms strategy. That’s honestly such a loss because great content can achieve many things.
Your agency is focused on serving industrial clients, across all sectors including lifestyle and property - how do you keep abreast with the latest industry trends?
Actually, we also have clients in the event industries and NGOs. In order to stay updated with industry trends, we certainly have to be active in various online and offline events. We also utilise technology to capture the dynamics that occur in the community, such as web-based apps and supporting platforms.
What are the challenges you most often experience in building relationships with journalists in Indonesia and what are the solutions, especially during this pandemic?
The challenge nowadays is more or less the same on both sides. They have limitations in interacting directly but apps like Zoom and Google Meet have given journalists the opportunity to get closer to their sources. With that, we have to make sure the journalists feel like they're getting an exclusive experience.
What is your favourite activity that keeps you sane in the midst of this pandemic madness?
Spending time with my family - no matter how great the pressure takes my mind away, in the end, I go back to my family's hearts. Their hearts are what I miss every day.

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