Telum Talks To… Dicky Tse, Senior Reporter, iMoney

Dicky Tse is a Senior Reporter at iMoney and he has almost spent a decade with the magazine. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and author of four investment books. We spoke with Dicky to learn more about iMoney’s structure, his journalism journey, how he works with PR professionals as well as his investment tips. 

Please note this video is in Cantonese. The key takeaways are below: 

1. Dicky has been at iMoney for almost 10 years. In the video he talks about his daily duties and career history. 
2. Technology shapes everything in the past 10 years including media. He has reported on a wide range of interesting stories on technology, and shares some here.
3. Not only does iMoney collaborate with popular bloggers, it also holds events for readers to gain particular investment knowledge from bloggers to boost audience engagement. 
4. A healthy relationship between PRs and journalists is a win-win for both parties in the long term. Early in the week is the best time for PRs to pitch a long-form story but of course his team welcomes daily communication via phone and email. 
5. iMoney plans to spend more resources on digital in future. For instance, they run a daily live programme - iMoney cafe - on Facebook to engage with their audience and provide them with daily investment tips as well economic trends.
6. To cope with COVID-19, iMoney will divert more resources to online reporting. It will launch a new programme conducting interviews with investors via Zoom. More details will be released soon. 

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