Telum Talks To... Ding Tian, CCO & Editorial Director, Variety China

Playing an important role as CCO and Editorial Director in the famous entertainment magazine Variety China, Ding Tian and her team have been devoting themselves into the innovative reform of the magazine for weeks.

Apart from inheriting its US-based parent's tradition of professionalism, Variety China is also exploring innovative methods of storytelling that are different from others.

"We are in pursuit of entertainment with an attitude," said Tian. 

In an interview with Telum, Tian offered her insights on the new trends of the film and television industry brought out by the COVID-19 pandemic and shared her personal story in the sector.

Please note that this video is in Mandarin. The key takeaways are as below:
  • Variety China strives to cover entertainment with an attitude and a good angle. It aims to provide its readers with interesting industry knowledge and seeks to inspire its readers with their interviews with veteran entertainers.
  • The magazine wants to appeal to curious young readers with stories behind the scenes, in addition to professionals working in the film and television industry.
  • Despite the prevalence of online entertainment content, the role of magazines is not to be ignored because of its influence on people's aesthetic appreciation. Offline content can also be delivered through online marketing.
  • The outbreak of COVID-19 has an obvious impact on the entertainment industry. The supply chain in the film and television industry has been broken, resulting in a long blanking period. However, the pandemic has also provided an opportunity for experimenting with new development models in the industry. For example, online cinema and online film festival have shown its business potential.
  • Passionate about exploring the stories behind films, she has published a book titled “29+1 Ways to Meet”, a collection of interviews with veteran filmmakers. Her upcoming book focuses on the stories of women.
  • She prefers journalists who are unpretentious, practical, innovative, and not obsessed with cliches and stereotyped expressions.
  • Variety China welcomes PR collaboration on both the commercial and editorial space on topics such as feminism and the youth.

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