Telum Talks To... Fan Xin, Managing Editor of News Section,

Telum Talks To... Fan Xin, Managing Editor of News Section, is a popular motoring information portal with a total of 35 million followers on its social media platforms, 45 million daily active users on its news site, and 64 million monthly active users on its mobile app. Telum Media recently caught up with its Managing Editor of the portal’s news section, Fan Xin, who revealed the platform’s strategies and plans.

Key takeaways from the interview are as follows:

1. Apart from the portal’s database of vehicle models that brings in 400 million page views per day, the news section of is the main source of traffic for the portal. It provides readers with information that guides them through the customer journey from the selection and buying of vehicles to day-to-day usage. It also produces in-depth industry analysis including market intelligence that is much sought after by car manufacturers.

2. The portal’s news page is supported by articles from a good mix of consumers, experts and industry insiders. The platform emphasises the authenticity of information and opinions based on the real-life experiences of car users.

3. In 2022, the news section will focus on the further expansion of its readership and the creation of fun and engaging content via a variety of new formats.

4. In March this year, set up five research centres in partnership with several local institutions. The centres will produce evidence-based research reports with a view to supporting the overall development of the industry.

5. In commenting the impact of COVID-19 in the car industry, Fan said, although the pandemic has caused disruptions in the supply chain, it also led to higher demand for private vehicles with commuters seeing it a safer mode of transportation. To a large extent, the pandemic also spurred the development of IoT technologies in the industry.

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