Telum Talks To... Filipe Pacheco, Asia Equity Capital Markets Reporter, Bloomberg

Telum Talks To... Filipe Pacheco, Asia Equity Capital Markets Reporter, Bloomberg

Walk us through your role as Asia Equity Capital Markets Reporter at Bloomberg entail.
I’m part of the equities team for Asia Pacific, my main beat is equity capital markets. Basically, I’m looking at corporate fundraising transactions that involve raising proceeds through the sale of shares. That includes traditional initial public offerings, secondary listings, block sales, placements, convertible bonds, rights issues. I also participate in the reporting and coverage of Asia-based companies seeking to raise capital through share sales in global venues such as the US and Europe - including the recent trend of Chinese firms tapping the Swiss market.

How is your editorial team structured?
My team has members throughout the region, and we constantly work together to make sure all perspectives of the equities coverage within Asia is tackled on a daily basis. I have colleagues within the Hong Kong office also covering equities, but focused on listed-companies and market performance. My team leader and my managing editor are both based in Singapore. The global equities coverage within Bloomberg is divided between three main regions - Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia. We are constantly in touch with the other regions to hand over assignments related to the daily coverage and to combine reporting forces for global pieces.

You've worked as Asia Equity Capital Markets Reporter in Hong Kong for a year now, what are some of your highlights thus far?
It’s definitely been a great experience. Hong Kong is our biggest office within the region, and I really wanted to get closer to the Asia coverage when I first thought about relocating here - particularly to the China broader story. This is a city in transition, and I think all of us living here had to deal with different challenges related to the pandemic during this period. But this is also a fascinating city, with a strong identity and a global role that won’t fade quickly. Highlights are mostly composed from the small things that happen on a daily basis, and make the whole experience worth it. Such as chatting and learning with colleagues that cover different beats; building up sources that give you a good and sincere perspective of the local market; being able to team up with bureaus from Mumbai to Tokyo, Shanghai to Sydney to publish stories. All of that are factors that are extremely rewarding professionally.

How do you make the stories you cover digestible for your readers?
That’s a constant challenge for any journalist covering finance. We have to be precise and report to a highly-qualified public, that usually understands a lot more about the topic we are covering than we usually do. Nevertheless, we are here to break news. To build connections that are not explicit or evident. To bring different elements and comparisons that highlight certain data points. To come up with interviews that will be interesting to someone willing to know more about the topic and also to those that already know a lot about it. At present times, we need to write in a more concise, interesting and direct way. Stories are shorter, more visual and more straight forward. I like that.

What would your ideal PR pitch look like? What sort of lead time do you require from communications professionals?
I believe pitches should follow that same concept. They should be precise, straight to the point, come up with something that explains as quickly as possible why that topic/matter deserves attention. The time in advance depends a lot on what is being reported, in my view. If it is an exclusive announcement, something under embargo, the sooner the better. If we have time to understand a certain announcement and then decide how to cover it properly, the coverage will definitely be more complete. Having time to prepare is precious. That’s particularly valid for big announcements, big decisions. Every journalist loves being the first, so exclusivity is also a plus.

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