Telum Talks To... Florence Lam, Content Manager, ESDlife

Telum Talks To... Florence Lam, Content Manager, ESDlife

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of ESDlife! How has the platform evolved over the years?
It felt like the blink of an eye since ESDlife was established 20 years ago! It was all started as part of the government’s bid to digitalise public services. Since then, we have played a vital role in the overall development of digital services in the city.

Not only are we a content platform of lifestyle content (wedding, anniversary, family and health), we are also an e-commerce platform (health.ESDlife) and a provider of digital solutions for corporates.

We always believe in “There’s more to life”, and we strive to inject new vitality into people’s lives through the application of information technology. However, this could not be possible without our team’s unique experience in the field and the ongoing collaboration with the public and private sectors.

Would you tell us more about ESDlife’s target audience as an online lifestyle
media platform?

There are four main channels under ESDlife, namely "wedding.ESDlife", "Anniversary.ESDlife", "family.ESDlife" and "healthyD". As their name suggests, we provide a wide range of content from marriage and anniversary to parenting and leading a healthy lifestyle. We are very grateful to be with our readers through different stages of their life.

We have a very targeted group of high-value readers, with our "wedding.ESDlife" section particularly sought after by couples. According to previous market research, 90% of those looking to tie the knots have visited our website. In this connection, we have crossed paths with some 720,000 families during this important chapter of their life journey. It goes without saying that couples often face challenges while preparing for their weddings, especially when this is done during the pandemic. Therefore, our content is kept as up-to-date as possible to provide our readers with the most practical tips, from COVID-19 safety measures in a wedding banquet to options for outdoor wedding ceremonies and local wedding photography recommendations.  

Can you introduce to us your editorial team and topics you are most interested in covering?
We have a team of enthusiastic and experienced editorial colleagues who manage ESDlife’s channels and conduct research on a day to day basis, with a view to providing our readers with an abundance of professional content. We always strive to keep tabs on the latest market trends and happenings around town as well as profile interview opportunities to widen the scope of our coverage and to present interesting ideas to our readers in an engaging way.

What should be aware of when communications professionals pitch to

We always examine the pitches in terms of the relevance of the products and services. Pitches need to match what we look out for as a channel given the theme of the platform and our readers’ demographic characteristics (age and preferences). Having said that, we do welcome pitches or media invites if there is an interesting or meaningful interview opportunity - say if a patient is able to share with us their recovery journey or when someone in town wants to talk about a particularly hot topic. As mentioned above, we want to reach the hearts of our readers and make a positive impact on our audience and society.

What are the plans for ESDlife's media platforms in 2022?
We will focus more on enhancing our SEO content strategies and optimising the user experience with better content and website design. In the coming year, we also have a plan to reach out to overseas Chinese communities with our enriched content offerings. There will be increased collaboration between ESDlife and brands and industry professionals in our core sectors (wedding, anniversary, family and health). These partnerships will be formed to provide and benefit our readers with the most comprehensive, diverse and professional content.

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