Telum Talks To…Fraser Li, Senior Reporter (Executive & Market), Hong Kong Economic Times

Telum Talks To…Fraser Li, Senior Reporter (Executive & Market), Hong Kong Economic Times

FinTech is one of hot topics in recent years. This week, Fraser Li shares with Telum Media about Fintech’s development in recent years and your thoughts.

Please share with us your journalism journey.
I majored in Journalism and had an internship with Radio Television Hong Kong during my studies. In addition, I also worked at the international financial desk of iMoney, focusing on technology company news and financial analysis. At that time, I was a newcomer, and under the patient guidance by Editor Pell Ng, I gradually began to master story structure and the use of wordings.

After graduation, I joined PC Market magazine before returning to work at iMoney. In 2016, I moved to the Hong Kong Economic Times’ Executive & Market desk. I am now responsible for conducting executive interviews with executives in the human resources and corporate management fields and covering topics relating to technology, banking and finance news.

What attracts you to stay in the journalism industry? 
I think that journalism is a profession. "Producing" financial news requires certain knowledge on economics. For instance, when a company launches new products and services, how would it impact its stock price? Every news article involves some financial analysis.

Looking back on my days at iMoney, I and EconReporter were jointly responsible for a column that mainly analyses bonds and funds. Had we not possessed relevant knowledge on the topic, we would have found it very difficult to produce in-depth analyses, or ask good questions during interviews to obtain unique story angles.

I also like to explore new and interesting subject matters. I once wrote a story about HTC’s mobile phones in Taiwan, and at that time HTC held cash with higher value than their its stock value. Does this mean that any company which acquires HTC was able to make money instantly? Such angles are very intriguing.

Please tell us the team at HKET’s Executive & Market desk and its coverage.
The Executive & Market team has about 10 colleagues who are responsible for the content on both the newspapers and website. On the newspaper side, my team prepares stories for one full page; the first half covers the issues of human resources, including management trainees, management studies and celebrity interviews; the second half is mainly about industry and corporate interviews.

You have been covering a lot of FinTech news. What do you think about FinTech’s development in Hong Kong in recent years?
In 2015, FinTech began to heat up in Hong Kong. But at that time, Europe and the United States had gone very far, and the development of FinTech was also more mature in the neighbouring Mainland China than in Hong Kong, especially electronic payment. Since 2016, Invest HK has been actively promoting financial technology and start-ups. Since then, every year I will conduct interview with Charles D'Haussy, Head of Financial Technology at Invest HK, to discuss about some new technologies. I remember that when I asked him about his views on blockchain, he replied, "You are too far ahead." Since that year, I have been picking up some more of these topics, interviewing experts and attending related activities. In addition, I also believe that the future of financial technology is one of the major issues, and all walks of life will be affected by the development of financial technology. For example, the media industry is also using crowdfunding to raise funds.

And financial technology can be divided into eight major fields and two major directions, namely the B2B and B2C. Citizens are generally exposed to B2C's financial technology, such as virtual insurance company Bowtie’s voluntary medical insurance scheme. However, financial technology currently used in B2B is relatively mature, such as bank mortgages. Mr Nicholas Yang Wei-Hsiung, the Head of the Innovation and Technology, also claimed "the development of Hong Kong’s B2B is ideal", especially for trade financing and instant settlement.

Recently, there have been discussions on the impact of quantum computers impacting on existing encryption technologies. I expect quantum computers will be a big issue under the spotlight in the coming year.

How should PRs pitch you? What topics are you preparing for the next few months?
Send me press releases and event invitations via email. If it’s urgent, you can contact me through WhatsApps. Please avoid calling me directly. I will on business trips to the UK and Germany this month to look into technology issues, ranging from new technologies and smart city to virtual currencies. In addition, I will focus more on biotechnologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Insurance Technology (InsurTech) and Regulatory Technology (RegTech). If you have any relevant information or interview arrangements, please feel free to contact me.

What are your hobbies?
I like music and sports. I formed a band with a group of like-minded friends. In spare time, I will play with my band, play guitar and sing. In addition, I like sports such as badminton and basketball.

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