Telum Talks To... Gao Yulei, General Manager, Power House

Telum Talks To... Gao Yulei, General Manager, Power House

Power House, a subsidiary media brand of, was launched in April. Telum caught up with its General Manager, Gao Yulei, to talk about the new publication’s coverage, editorial strategies and plans.

Below are the key takeaways from the interview (The full interview is available in Chinese):

1. Power House focuses on Internet, technology, start-ups and other corporate news, and looks at the evolving trends of Internet usage.

2. Power House publishes articles on its WeChat Public Account. It also runs a column on’s official website, and distributes videos on bilibili, a video-sharing platform.

3. There are seven members in its editorial team, with most of them being born after 1990s and having worked with various news portals. For those who are interested in joining the team, they should submit their resumes to

4. For collaboration opportunities, PRs are expected to send pitches to

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