Telum Talks To...Guo Mansi, Editor-in-Chief / Publisher, ConCall

Telum Talks To...Guo Mansi, Editor-in-Chief / Publisher, ConCall

ConCall is an online industry media outlet focusing on fashion. Telum Media recently talked to its Editor-in-Chief / Publisher, Guo Mansi, who shared ConCall's coverage focus, the team's dynamics, industry trends and her anticipation in 2023.

The followings are the key takeaways from the interview. Full version's available in Chinese.

1. ConCall positions itself as an industry media, providing brands and companies with intelligent support while offering consumers quick and insightful information. It covers "fashion" in general, including clothing, luxuries, fashion culture, sports, cosmetics and so on. When creating content, ConCall categorises sources by their relevance and influence on the China market.

2. With the editorial team consisting of professionals from media, advertising and the creative field, ConCall looks into the industry from a practitioner's perspective instead of simply giving comments.

3. What to look at in 2023:
 · Sustainable fashion, travel retailing, the upturn of consumption, the changes in policies regarding Web 3.0 and NFT as well as brands' corresponding actions.
 · How key fashion groups' adjustments in management and business structure take effect.

4. Given that all travel restrictions have been removed, Mansi believes the overall trend of the fashion industry in 2023 is positive since brands will take more innovative actions to cope with a shrinking budget and consumers will be more active.

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