Telum Talks To... Guo Yang, Founder / Editor-in-Chief, ECO SPORTS

Telum Talks To... Guo Yang, Founder / Editor-in-Chief, ECO SPORTS

Telum Media recently caught up with Guo Yang, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of sports-focused online platform ECO SPORTS. He spoke about the editorial focus of his team, and shared his insights into how digitalisation is transforming sports, fitness, and healthcare as it brings new business opportunities to brands and new ways of reaching out to their audience.

Below are the key takeaways from the interview: 
  • ECO SPORTS covers all things about sports, serving business owners and executives who are eager to understand the latest trends in the industry and capture new business opportunities. As a multimedia content platform, it aims to tell the full story of sports brands and athletes by covering major events, producing profiles and in-depth trend analysis.
  • Digital-savvy Gen Z and millennials form its editorial team, and they are always hungry for producing multimedia content and using different social media platforms.
  • The digital age has changed how readers consume content, which has commercial implications. For example, the popularity of short video clips is redefining copyright deals, and blockchain technologies have provided event organisers with a new way of engaging with the audience. In addition, the rise of mobile fitness applications and e-sports have created new business ecosystems, and brands are learning to reach out to Chinese netizens directly via a variety of platforms.
Check out the Chinese version in this newsletter for a full version of the interview.

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