Telum Talks To... Hao Junhui, Editorial Director, IT Times

Telum Talks To... Hao Junhui, Editorial Director, IT Times

Telum Media recently spoke with Hao Junhui, the Editorial Director of Shanghai-based newspaper focusing on information and communications technology IT Times. She talked about the editorial principles and style of the newspaper, shared her insights into how the newspaper reflects digitalisation in different industries, introduced some features and topics that are worthy of attention.  

Find the following key takeaways from the interview: 
  • IT Times's three editorial principles are: independent thinking, cutting-edge vision, and speaks for ordinary people. Based in Shanghai, the city that pioneered digital transformation, IT Times is an inclusive newspaper not only focusing on traditional information technology, but also covering cutting edge topics such as quantum technology, artificial intelligence, 5G, satellite Internet, etc. 
  • "Comprehends the digital age" is the slogan of the newspaper, and the aim of the editorial desk as well. IT Times looks into the digitalised society in Shanghai, writes about the changes happening in work and at home. Besides the convenience the transformation has brought, they also noticed and questioned about the information gap. 
  • Digital transformation and upgrading of cities, Chinese Internet companies' strategy for common prosperity, the rise of alternative fuel vehicles, and technology as well as ethics of artificial intelligence are the topics the editorial desk has been keeping an eye on. 

Check out the Chinese version in this newsletter for a full version of the interview.

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