Telum Talks To... He Zongcheng, Chief Content Officer, ifanr

Telum Talks To... He Zongcheng, Chief Content Officer, ifanr

ifanr, an online media platform focusing on technology innovation and consumer technology, is celebrating its 13th anniversary. Telum Media recently caught up with He Zongcheng, the former Editor-in-Chief and current Chief Content Officer, who revealed the platform’s latest editorial foci and plans.

Below are the key takeaways from the interview: 
  1. As Chief Content Officer, Zongcheng oversees editorial and operational matters and participates in branding as well as growth strategies of the platform.
  2. Its editorial desk is currently interested in new technologies and trends, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the metaverse and other new products, services and business models in the post-pandemic world.
  3. Last year, ifanr started the “New Consumption” column to broaden its consumption-related coverage apart from gadget reporting. Recently, another new column “Digital Quintessence of Chinese Culture” has been launched. It is dedicated to promoting Chinese heritage and the international promulgation of the Chinese culture through digital technologies.
  4. “The lifestyle of tomorrow” will be the main theme of ifanr’s content push this year. Main sectors of interest will include Technology & Digital Life, Consumption & Trends, and New Vehicles. Relevant content will be published on the main ifanr website as well as other subsidiary media brands, namely APPSO, coolbuy, and Time2Drive.
  5. The editorial team of ifanr welcome materials including images, articles, videos, live streaming events, interactive content, offline events, exhibitions, WeChat Mini Programmes and innovative digital tools, etc.
  6. The platform is also keen on creating tailored content in partnership with companies from the technology, consumer and motoring industries. Contact for potential collaboration.

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