Telum Talks To… Hong Xinying, Regional Managing Editor, Tatler Homes

Telum Talks To… Hong Xinying, Regional Managing Editor, Tatler Homes

Can you tell us a bit more about your current role and what it entails?
I'm the Regional Managing Editor of Tatler Homes, a luxury design magazine published by Tatler Asia Group with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong; we cover all things beautiful and inspiring that's related to design, decor, and architecture, and what luxury means today to homeowners, designers, developers and tastemakers in Asia.

I lead the editorial direction and strategy for the Homes vertical of Tatler Asia and oversee the print and digital content produced for the region. I'm based in the Singapore office, and I also manage and produce the bi-monthly issues of Tatler Homes Singapore.

What inspired you to write on interior and home design?
I've always been passionate about the visual arts, be it graphic design or the fine arts. Taking a cue from my relatives who are practising fine artists, I enjoy sketching and painting in my free time as well.

Early on in my writing career, I started writing about art and design as a freelancer for the local library and as an intern for a design website. Subsequently, I covered the fashion and lifestyle beats for some years before joining Tatler Singapore nearly five years ago to cover home design; it does feel like I've come full circle, and I'm happy to discuss and share my passion for design and architecture in a professional capacity.

Tatler Homes Singapore recently celebrated its 16th anniversary, what do you think contributed to the success of the magazine thus far?
We've remained steadfast with our focus on luxury interiors, a niche that we have developed over the past decade and the years to come. I am happy to see how we have grown the digital footprint of the title in recent years while celebrating all the qualities that our print title is known for.

We celebrate our local context while being mindful of global trends and movements. It is always a privilege for us to visit and encounter beautiful homes and spaces in Singapore, Asia, and around the world. 

What is the most important thing PRs should note when pitching a story to your team?
Exclusivity - just like how luxury is best understood as a personalised experience, we prefer to receive customised pitches when possible.

What is the biggest challenge of overseeing the content direction and strategy of the Homes vertical in the region?
Good communication is key to any regional role so that we are all on the same page and find the means to work better together as a team. We do have the benefit of sharing the same time zone at least!

What is one thing you wish readers of Tatler Homes Singapore to take away when reading your magazine?
Inspiration - and the desire to improve and beautify your interior. 

2021 is coming to an end soon, is there anything new / what can readers of Tatler Homes expect and look forward to in 2022?
We're delighted to celebrate the start of our 16th year in November, and we will be launching the sixth edition of our annual Tatler Homes Design Awards in Singapore soon next year; stay tuned.

Do you have advice for aspiring journalists out there who are just starting their editorial career?
Adaptability, gumption, curiosity, and empathy - these are qualities that I think are highly useful not only in editorial work but also in a fast-changing world where the boundaries between roles continue to blur and merge.

Ask questions, take the initiative to learn, and grow your skill set, no matter the stage of your career. And be kind; someone might have just had a bad day. Just as how good design makes the world a better place, so do empathy and compassion.

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