Telum Talks To... Irene Chan, Marketing Manager, BeLive

Telum Talks To... Irene Chan, Marketing Manager, BeLive

Live streaming platforms have been getting more exposure especially during the pandemic as a way for people to connect with each other. Telum spoke to Irene Chan at BeLive to dig deeper into the industry.

Tell us a bit about your role and BeLive platform.
As the Marketing Manager at BeLive, I manage a team of nine people from four countries: the Philippines, Bangladesh, Ukraine, and Belarus. I mainly oversee the overall marketing strategy, including budget, content, and user acquisition. 

BeLive is a live streaming platform that helps business owners and content creators easily produce professional live shows to boost their business. The platform helps build brand awareness and it empowers influencers, SMBs and other content creators to harness the power of live streaming.
What are your thoughts in the live streaming industry today in the Philippines?
Before the pandemic, most people who livestream are influencers, vloggers or gamers. When the quarantine started, we’ve seen that a lot of businesses and big brands have slowly embraced live streaming. We’ve also seen TV shows and celebrities who broadcast talk show formats, including the longest-running noontime show in the country Eat Bulaga, Filipino singer Pops Fernandez and CNN Journalist and Host James Deakin. 
It’s interesting to note that ever since the lockdown was enforced, there has also been an increase in faith-based broadcasting. Perhaps they found live streaming effective, especially now that we can’t visit places of worship due to social distancing measures. These include pastors, churches, and ministries all around the world who go live to connect with their communities. The Feast PICC Manila and Couples for Christ Mindanao have been broadcasting as well. While restrictions have been eased for most cities, we believe that livestreaming will continue to be an integral part of most businesses in the post-COVID world. 
What kind of topics attract live streamers and the audience? 
Recently, live shopping and social commerce are getting a lot of attention and engagements online. A single broadcast from Fingo Thailand or Fingo Malaysia can attract as many as 10,000 live views in their broadcast. Imagine the reach that you can obtain by just going live. 
We have also observed that content about health and wellness and self-improvement are gaining a lot of views. It’s good to know that fitness experts, psychologists and medical practitioners can help more people through live streaming. Looking at the comments, people take comfort in seeking expert advice, or even just a quick chat online since they can’t go out or socialise. This live activity helps them cope amidst the crisis when reports have said that we should take care of our mental health. We aid these content creators and experts to build their personal brands and engage with audiences who need their services most.

We're seeing more brands employing live streaming for PR and marketing. Why do you think it’s gaining popularity? How can brands and PRs make the most of live streaming platforms?
Since offline events have been cancelled, most activities have transitioned online. For instance, people who usually conduct workshops now conduct their sessions online. This allows brands to be on top of the customers' minds even when we are in lockdown or even if they are thousands of miles away. Brands also can use livestreaming as a cost-effective and efficient way to spread awareness, gain new customers, and engage with existing customers. You can also establish your branding easily in your videos. You can add your own logo, frames, and brand colours when you use our platform. You can easily see what the stream is all about so it’s inviting and accessible.

What makes live streaming more powerful than static images, podcasts and audio materials or recorded video is authenticity. If consistency is king, authenticity is its partner. Real-time, raw and unedited video packs a powerful punch where followers can be part of an interactive experience, empowering them to feel valued and appreciated. Authenticity reigns supreme in the realm of influencer marketing, which is precisely why real-time, raw and unedited video directly from influencers can pack such a powerful punch.

Unlike traditional advertising (such as billboards), measuring the results of live streaming is more accurate. If your goal is to reach more customers, you can measure the total number of people who watched your live video. Engagement can be measured through likes, comments and shares. You can even set a private broadcast to control and manage your audience. This happens when you create a by-invite only stream. These are meaningful metrics and tools that help brands and influencers optimise future content and enhance their outreach. And since the broadcast is recorded live, it can be accessed even after your session. With that, you can still monitor the performance by tracking the number of shares as well. That’s what we aim in BeLive – for us to be super connected while being socially distanced.

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