Telum Talks To... Jack Latimore, Indigenous Affairs Journalist at The Age

Telum Talks To... Jack Latimore, Indigenous Affairs Journalist at The Age

Telum By The Numbers Walk us through a day in the life of The Age's Indigenous Affairs Journalist.
My day can vary depending on what I'm working on. I have a dozen or so longer stories in progress at any one time, but some days they all go on the back burner, and I'll chase down a quick turnaround type of yarn, or report from Victoria's parliament, or spend the day chasing comment from federal parliamentarians or expert sources.

Some days are spent on the phone from day's start till day's end, checking in with sources, developing new sources, and getting different perspectives from the community on stuff. I can do a lot of talking on the phone. Other days I just get to lock down and write and don't talk to many people at all.

You've been in the role for a year now, what's been the highlight so far?
Making it into the office that one time back in early April. Nah, it hasn't been exactly like that, but close enough to it. Actual highlight - getting yarns on the front page. 

How broad is your remit? What kind of stories do you cover?
I can pitch pretty much anything I'm interested in doing, but I prefer to stay focused on Aboriginal affairs, mostly in Victoria. I can do that across news, culture and arts, lifestyle, or any of the other sections, so long as the story is there to begin with. It's about story selection rather than desperately trying to get everything in Aboriginal affairs, which is an approach I've come to greatly appreciate over the past year.

What are your top tips for other reporters who want to share First Nations stories accurately and respectfully?
Make sure you're doing it properly and speaking to the right people for your story. That generally means asking yourself first if it should really be you doing the story, or at least doing the story alone. Second tip, ask how can you work with community for the outcome that has its best interests in mind.

What big events or developing stories are you keeping your eye on for the remainder of 2022?
My priority is Victoria's Treaty process, including its truth and justice commission. The November state election will also keep me busy in the months ahead. 

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