Telum Talks To... Jaia Darrel Yap, Social Media Producer at GMA News Online

Telum Talks To... Jaia Darrel Yap, Social Media Producer at GMA News Online

By Halee Andrea Alcaraz

Telum Media recently spoke with Jaia Darrel Yap, a Social Media Producer at GMA News Online. This interview includes topics that he's interested in, characteristics of a good story pitch, and what PR professionals should avoid if they want to land on GMA News Online stories. 

What's a day like in your life as a Social Media Producer for GMA News Online?
My day would usually start by me sitting in at a meeting by some TV people, where I would be on the lookout for their stories that might enhance our reportage on our digital platform. After that, I would usually process video content for posting on our TikTok account, among a plethora of other operational tasks that need to be resolved on-the-fly. Occasionally, I also do onsite coverages and write some straightforward articles about topics I’m passionate about.

What kind of stories are you interested in?
I am most interested in culture, stories concerning the LGBTQIA+ community, local literature, the arts, and the reclamation of public spaces from concrete nightmares, including walkable cities and people's spaces.

What's the best way for PR professionals to catch your attention about a story pitch?
PR professionals have more chances to get my attention when they, at least, try to marry cultural or progressive causes into their pitches. For example, a hotel chain that makes a campaign introducing itself as a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community; a brand made a product that features the work of this prominent Pinoy komiks (comics) creator; or this coffee chain will start giving away free cups of coffee to filmmakers and people in the media industry every Wednesday.

Can you name three characteristics a story lead or pitch should have for it to be published on GMA News Online?
First, if it's not a hard sell. Second, if it's a hard sell, there may still be a chance for publication if it tastefully features or integrates a GMA artist or a GMA show. And third, more often than not, when it at least tries to marry a novel, cultural, or progressive cause.

What should PRs avoid doing when they want to land on GMA News Online's stories?
In general, avoid pitches that are devoid of any social element.

What kind of stories will GMA News Online focus on for the rest of 2022 and in the coming year 2023?
I really can't say, but no matter what time period, stories with social angles will almost always be a cut above the rest in the eyes of many members of GMA News Online.

Among media personalities, who has impacted your life the most as a Social Media Producer?
It would be Paolo Lorenzana, my former boss from my time as Managing Editor at LGBTQIA+ publication, As cliché as it may sound, I learned from him that you communicate best when you have your heart behind what you say and show. That adage still heavily influences my day-to-day work at GMA News Online.

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