Telum Talks To... James Linacre, Managing Editor, HR Magazine

Telum Talks To... James Linacre, Managing Editor, HR Magazine

Please tell us more about the HR Magazine and its editorial focus.
HR Magazine is the largest HR-dedicated magazine in Asia Pacific and is the backbone of our company. We run informative print and online editorial content in addition to partnering with businesses across the region to host livestreams as well as our on-ground events across the region. Our editorial focus aims to inform HR professionals and business leaders across the region, bringing to light key industry developments and pieces of news that may shape their organisation's HR practices. We also love to celebrate others' success. A core focus of our Magazine is our 'HR Features' section where we interview talent professionals and share their success stories with the wider community.  

It has been two years since the pandemic started. What are HRs talking about most at the moment? What types of content and topics is your publication looking for in this region?
The pandemic has changed the world of work dramatically and the HR narrative has undergone a huge transformation (see our latest cover story for more information!). The HR world has seen a huge shift towards digitalisation, especially in terms of L&D, engagement and remote working. Another key area that HR professionals want to know more about is how to effectively attract, engage and retain employees as their needs have shifted. Employee wellness and diversity and inclusion are two key focus areas for HR for the foreseeable future.

Many media outlets have diversified their editorial products and offerings, or made a foray into social media and podcasts. What is your editorial team exploring to stay ahead of the curve?
We're always open to exploring new channels and ways to engage with our audience. One of my long-term plans, and something that I've always wanted to do, is an HR podcast. I hope to bring this to our audience's attention later this year as well as crafting other types of content to engage younger HR professionals.

Apart from offering text and video content, do you think publications can reap benefits by hosting conferences and livestreaming events in the new normal? What are the challenges in doing that?
There are going to be so many opportunities out there as the world gradually opens up and travel resumes. There will be bountiful opportunities that can bring people together (in a smart, sensible way of course.) The biggest obstacle that needs to be overcome is how to make up for the lack of in-person interaction we've all experienced. The pandemic has reduced all of our social circles to the extent that casual contacts and acquaintances have fallen to the side and we now rely on a close, selective small circle of individuals, namely family members and our colleagues. People are craving social interaction and to connect authentically with others. As we move forward, livestreams and on-ground events will need to give people the opportunity to reconnect with one another in an authentic, meaningful way.

Any top tips for communications professionals who might want to make a content pitch that draws the attention of HR practitioners?
Think outside the box. HR doesn't need to be the same old as before the pandemic. Now is the time to be bold and innovate the way forward. The way we work has shifted and people are not wanting to revert to the ways of before. To attract attention make the pitches stand out, HR has a tendency to get repetitive quite quickly so any story that celebrates success or has a unique perspective will really help to bring something new to the table.

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