Telum Talks to ... Jeffrey Goldfarb, Asia Editor, Reuters Breakingviews

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc across the globe, but what will change after it has wrought its damage? Is COVID-19 catalyzing drone technology? Why are offices set to become roomier?

Those were the questions asked by the editors at Reuters Breakingviews when they put together a special edition of its Predictions e-book, "Once in a Lifetime?". Telum Media has recently caught up with one of them, Asia Editor Jeffrey Goldfarb, who shared with us the top predictions and all.

Jeffrey also discussed what his day looks like as Breakingviews' Asia chief and how he collaborates with his colleagues across the globe, including tips for PR professionals on how to engage. 

Key breakaways for PR professionals include:
  • Breakingviews publishes four editions a day starting at 11am in Asia before it rolls around the globe. Writers and editors catch up two times a way to discuss ideas. 
  • "We are never on the fence about something" as Breakingviews always take a point of view and come to a perspective on things. But when the facts change, their view can change. Therefore, he is always happy to chat and bounce ideas off each other.
  • Conversations with communications professionals do not always have to go on the record. He loves to be locked in with senior executives to have a "sparring conservation" without having to use a single quote.

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