Telum Talks To… Jennifer Deayton, Managing Editor, P3 (PPP Company Limited)

Telum Talks To… Jennifer Deayton, Managing Editor, P3 (PPP Company Limited)

Can you tell us more about your role and duties at PPP Company Limited (P3)?
I am Managing Editor for the client-based part of P3. We provide writing, editing, translation, design, printing, and project management services for corporate and non-profit clients. The work is quite varied: from banking and finance publications to technology white papers; from in-house magazines to non-fiction books.

What’s a typical working day?
Everything we do is project-based, so it depends on the deadlines! But every day, I’m usually responding to client emails, writing and/or editing material, and doing a bit of project management. i.e. coordinating with our design team and printers. When I’m between projects, I enjoy writing features for Playtimes, P3’s family-focused publication. Article interviews and client meetings away from Cyberport (preferably at a good coffee shop) are my field trips—always welcome!

What’s the best thing about your job?
The people I work with, absolutely. When I returned to an office environment after freelancing for many years and looking after my children, I found I was one of the oldest people here! But we have a fantastic young team, and I hope I can be of some help as they start their careers. There are also awesome Moms (and Dads!) here, who bring a lot of experience and skills to the table.

What is the current focus for P3, and what are most clients looking for?
As far as specialities go, we are wonkish and proud of it! We work with clients on in-depth publications covering topics such as Corporate Treasury, Sustainability, and Exchange Traded Funds. Still we also produce lighter fare like club magazines and anniversary books for NGOs. These are projects—website, slide deck, bound book or simply a thought leadership piece—that companies need but can’t always do in-house. The past year of upheaval has only increased our opportunities for us, so we’re staffing and preparing accordingly.

Any trends or topics that you are looking at in the coming year?
I have learned a lot about design and printing since I started working here. I was working as a video editor when companies started to ‘pivot to video’ and social media really came to the fore, but the landscape is always changing. Our design team is so talented, and it’s been great to work with them and delve into the different ways to deliver information, from a simple infographic to video explainers to these cool interactive PDFs. We also learn from clients as we discuss their project needs. ‘Designing data’ may sound nerdy, but nothing beats a strong visual paired with clean, effective writing.

What kind of story pitches are you hoping to hear from PRs?
Our Playtimes editor, Louise Drake, is the person for pitches for family-oriented (education, health, food, recreation, etc) features. For my work, I’m looking to expand my freelance roster of writers, photographers and designers, especially writers with specialised business sector knowledge and strong translation or project management skills.

Best way to contact you?
You can reach me at

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