Telum Talks To... Jesica Lin, Senior Chief Editor of Global Views Monthly

Back in 2017, Global Views Monthly was one of the first Taiwanese media to turn their cover story into AR format. Now, their editorial team is planning to engage with their readers more with metaverse and NFT.

Jesica Lin, the Senior Chief Editor of Global Views Monthly, who is always fascinated by the evolution of technology, told Telum Media that NFT is more than just an investment. Jesica and her team would like to be in touch with any group or individuals who are building their careers in metaverse or with NFT.

Watch the full interview, or jump ahead to these parts:

00:05 - Please tell us more about your journey as a journalist
01:36 - Do you see opportunities in NFT and metaverse for Global Views Monthly?
02:31 - Has public interest for NFT and metaverse reached a critical mass in Taiwan? Any examples?
04:56 - What advantages does NFT offer? Any risks?
05:51 - What is the role of traditional mainstream media outlets in covering NFT and metaverse?
07:04 - Can Taiwanese content creators benefit from the rise of NFTs internationally?
07:56 - What topics are you interested in reporting?
09:35 - What materials should PR professionals provide you with in a pitch?

Video duration: 12 minutes and 21 seconds
Language: Mandarin

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