Telum Talks To... Jia Kun, Editor-in-Chief, Ebrun

In the past 15 years, Ebrun has witnessed the growth and development in China's retail and consumption areas and has also felt the power of e-commerce and industrial digitalisation. Telum Media has recently talked to Jia Kun, Editor-in-Chief of Ebrun, about the changes in the Chinese e-commerce and consumption industry in the past two years and how the moving market has been reshaping readers' demand for content.

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00:04 - Who are we? How do we understand the market we are covering? 
04:33 - How is content structured at Ebrun?
05:05 - E-commerce digitisation as essential infrastructure has been applied in various industries.
07:10 - Three major topics that Ebrun covers are retail, cross-border e-commerce, and indutrial internet of things (IIoTs). 
09:00 - Industry reports with insights and observations.
10:03 - Preferences on topic selection.
12:01 - Focus on Chinese domestic consumption.
14:45 - How have the industry's changes shaped the editorial content at Ebrun?
17:12 - How do we source stories?
19:20 - Trends to look out for; how will corporations play the survival game in a maturing market?
20:42 - Types of companies Ebrun is interested in covering.
23:38 - Other trending topics - NFTs, Web3, etc.

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