Telum Talks To... Jim James, Founder and Managing Director, EASTWEST Public Relations

"I approach PR as a business person… I see PR as a fundamental part of a business not as an incremental service”
This week Telum caught up with Jim James - entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Director of EASTWEST Public Relations. Jim came to Singapore 25 years ago with a laptop and the ambition to start a PR agency. From Singapore he expanded EASTWEST Public Relations into China and India, spending 13 years in China. He also started a business importing Morgan sports cars, a digital agency, was CEO of Lotus sports cars in China and launched the British Motorsports Festival in China. More recently he has returned to the UK, transformed EASTWEST’s business model to become a virtual agency, and launched a podcast, SPEAKpr, to share his thoughts and insights on PR with entrepreneurs. Hear the full interview.

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