Telum Talks To... Joel Lim, Managing Director, ZYRUP Media / ZYRUP Magazine
Sam Jo Yeo

"In order to reach audiences today, it's really about reaching them through various content formats, at multiple touchpoints, and, as a whole, you have to do so cohesively in your own threaded ecosystem."

Joel Lim, Managing Director of ZYRUP Media / ZYRUP Magazine, tells Telum Media why the digital entertainment magazine decided to expand into a media house with multiple content formats. He also shares more about ZYRUP's podcast arm, their new podcast with celebrity actress Joanne Peh, as well as what audiences and PRs can expect going forth.

Some key takeaways include:
  • Changes in the media landscape have allowed for the integration of different media formats to complement the written word. Social media content, for instance, has allowed ZYRUP to reach out to larger audiences, hence their decision to expand beyond the online magazine. (1:14)
  • The ZYRUP team is leaning more and more towards podcasts. Apart from being huge podcast consumers themselves, there is also growing demand for podcast content in Singapore. (3:29)
  • Zodapop is ZYRUP's new audio arm that publishes several regular podcasts, including Kpop Kaypohs, Adulting with Former Children, Broke Brown Girls and What Do I Know? featuring celebrity actress Joanne Peh. Zodapop aims to provide a community of podcast creators who can collaborate, share tips, cross-pollinate audiences and eventually bring in brand sponsorships. (5:48)
  • ZYRUP Media is looking at holding more in-person events including brand activations, dialogue sessions and parties. (9:55)
  • It is important for PR professionals to understand the different products and offerings under ZYRUP Media. Joel is also happy to grab coffee and meals with PRs to better understand their concerns and objectives. (11:04)

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