Telum Talks To... Jonathan Pardo, Executive / Segment Producer, NET25

Telum Talks To... Jonathan Pardo, Executive / Segment Producer, NET25

By Halee Andrea Alcaraz

Telum Media recently spoke with Jonathan Pardo, an Executive / Segment Producer at NET25, where he produces sports, entertainment, and food stories for the morning magazine show, Kada Umaga. In this interview, he talks about his experience producing, provides tips for PRs, and discusses topics he will be watching closely for the rest of the year.

Please tell us about your career as a producer and what stories you enjoy covering.
I've been part of the television industry for nine years now. In my nine years at NET25, I've been part of the producing team for various shows like musical shows, morning programmes, situational comedy shows, and talk shows. I have covered musical events like concerts. As part of Kada Umaga, I love shooting and producing food segments and restaurant features because I get a chance to discover different flavours of food presented by different restaurants, mostly in Metro Manila.
Who or what plays the biggest influence in your life as a producer?
The person that I consider as my second father and mentor is my biggest influence in my life as a TV Producer. He is Prof. Elson Montalbo, a professor at my alma mater, New Era University. Prof. Elson lets you discover a lot of things in producing a musical play, a film, a television show, and others. You will learn all the ups and downs. But as a mentor, he will never leave you alone in delivering any project.

He’s the kind of mentor that whenever we’re about to raise a concern, he will ask you, "What’s the solution?" From him, I learned that in the professional world, as much as possible, you have to learn how to conquer any problems within the production and within your means, of course. Once you tell him the solution to your problem, he will surely guide you to a better one, a better solution to the problem. This work attitude helped me become independent and resilient in producing, even in the smallest concern, element, or detail of the production that I’m part of.

So through this Telum Talks To... I would like to once again thank my mentor, Sir Elson Montalbo! You know that we love you, sir, and thank you so much for everything!

Where do you get your news or sources for content?
In this digital age, most of our content come from social media. We filter some contents that are allowed to be shown in our shows, because not all contents are family-oriented or values-driven contents; and as producers, we are bound to our audience to deliver contents or news that will nourish them and make them aware of what's happening in society. We also ensure that the information we produce are relevant, important, and timely.

What should PRs do to build a trusting relationship with you and your team?
For me, as long as the contents are values-driven and family-friendly, we will not have any problem. I could work with a PR who knows the image that our team or production maintains. And I believe that it will benefit us both.

What do you think are the must-have characteristics for a producer working in your organisation?
Number one, a producer must be responsible. A producer should be responsible for the type of news or entertainment content that will be delivered to the audience. No fake news, just real data or real details. And like what I’ve said, these contents should make your audience aware, informed, and entertained.

Which three topics will you be watching closely in the second half of 2022?
Well, I’m looking forward to number one, some expo or bazaar related to food or any family-centred events. Number two is on the technology side, I love technology events because it amazes me whenever I see newly released products or inventions. And number three, maybe, are more on show business like films or stage plays, concerts and the like.

If you could interview anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
Wow! I love this question. If I will be given a once in a lifetime chance, I would love to do a sit down interview with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. I’m interested in her life as Queen in the last 70 years. I believe that she has a lot of leadership experience that can inspire anyone, in any country, from any ethnicity, having any profession. I’m also interested in various stories about the Queen’s family. So yeah, Queen Elizabeth II.

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