Telum Talks To... Joyce Lau, Asia Editor, Times Higher Education

As Times Higher Education's key point of contact in Hong Kong, Joyce Lau, THE's Asia Editor, regularly contributes stories to THE's website and print magazine. She also oversees a recently launched weekly newsletter focusing on Asia's higher education sector. Telum Media recently spoke to Joyce on the kind of stories she looks out for and communicators' role in the reporting process.

Key takeaways:

1, East Asia, South East Asia and India are all Joyce's areas of coverage. As she covers multiple markets in a vast region, she expects her stories to be relevant to an international audience and provide insights from a policy perspective.
2, Pitches have to be to the point as she receives a barrage of emails at any given time. Conferences, research and special projects are all areas of interest. Nonetheless, Joyce prefers materials to be sent to her as early as possible.
3, She welcomes university communicators to reach out to her directly. From providing a quote of an expert to news about personnel changes, PR professionals can potentially play a positive role in her decision-making process given they understand the bigger picture and THE's editorial standards.

Watch the full interview with Joyce, including a case study of one of her recently published stories. (Duration: 16 minutes)

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