Telum Talks To... Judithya Pitana, Editor-in-Chief of

Telum Talks To... Judithya Pitana, Editor-in-Chief of

Judithya Pitana is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Previously, she was the Editor-in-Chief at Qraved, and the long-time Editor-in-Chief of CosmoGIRL! Indonesia, where she built the brand’s digital awareness, as well as expanding the brand’s editorial strategy with more localised contents.
How did you get a start in the media industry? And what makes you stay in the industry?
I wanted to work in media industry as soon as I finished reading the book Basic Black by Cathie Black, a Hearst Magazine Publisher Executive, back in 2008. Soon after that, I sent my CV to MRA Media, and got a Fashion Intern position at CosmoGIRL! Indonesia, and worked my way up from there. I stay in this industry because I fell in love with its vast and informative movement, it never ceases to amuse me.
Please tell us about your duties at
As's Editor-in-Chief, I mainly oversee our editorial team's content output and content strategy. Besides keeping track of workflows, I am also responsible for expanding brand strategy, both online and offline. Together with IDN Media team, we keep building strong communities around to ensure constant growth for the brand, and maximise our channels to maintain revenue stream flowing.
Is there anything coming up from that you are particularly excited about that you could share with us?
Our team are focusing on our annual Beauty Fest Asia event that will be held early next year, the event itself is the biggest beauty conference and exhibition in Asia and our team is working really hard to make sure it will be perfect. will also create fun smaller scale events to cater to our readers and community, so watch out for our social media accounts fo more informations.
Why do you see the need to focus on pop-culture and lifestyle?
I think pop culture and lifestyle are the subjects that are considered attractive by most of our young generations: Millennials and Gen Z. I believe there are more to the issue than just superficial things and celebrity gossips. Through pop culture and lifestyle we can try to educate young people the importance of other topics such as politics and cultural issues, wrapping it in lighter ways and angles so they actually have fun consuming the informations.
Please share us the most memorable story you've covered.
Last year, when I was still with CosmoGIRL! Indonesia, we were invited by the British Embassy to cover the education system and studying program in the UK. I got to meet some of the best Indonesian students studying abroad in UK and hear their inspiring stories, as well as their struggle to achieve their dreams going to school there. I am still fascinated on how ambitious, determined and wishful our young generations are - they have given me a newfound hope that as Millennials and Generation Z's, we can and will change the future course of Indonesia into a better place.
What's the best career advice you have ever received? And from whom?
I got it from my mother, who is a successful career woman herself: "Life is tough, you have to be tougher, but don't forget to be nice to people".
Who is your favorite fashion icon? And why?
Caroline de Maigret, because her Parisian style goes hand in hand with my lazy effortless outfits.
Your top tips for PRs who want to send stories to

Popbela receives tons of emails from various PR everyday, so it's always nice to receive stories with a little personal touch. Building a good network is also important, so our team can filter your story better in the midst of those hundred emails we get everyday.
Would you like to share few words of wisdom to young women journalists out there?
Journalism has changed since a few years back, and I believe it will keep changing and keep improving. To all inspiring female journalists out there, be sure to keep riding the wave and be ready for constant change, because the only thing that doesn't change is the change itself.
How do you prefer to be contacted?
You can contact me on my email at For urgent matters, please don't hesitate to text me on my work mobile number at (62) 813 1122 5548.

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