Telum Talks To... Juliet Peterson, Senior Director of Content for Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ

Telum Talks To... Juliet Peterson, Senior Director of Content for Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ

Monday 21st November marked World Television Day, celebrating the importance of television and its role in shaping a diverse global culture. 

Telum spoke to Senior Director of Content for Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ, Juliet Peterson, about the impact TV has had on society.

What should we expect for the future of television? Is there a growth in popularity or a decline?
Viewing in general is on a growth trajectory with both the amount of viewing and the volume of content being produced around the world on the rise. Combined with the creation and ability to consume content being easier than ever, popularity is sure to continue increasing. However, it won’t be TV as we’ve known it in the past. The dominance of traditional linear broadcast is already being overtaken by IP delivery of TV that allows enhanced choice and personalisation.

Looking to the future, we will increasingly see a balance of our own choice of programming when we want it (VOD) with a return to the curation of traditional TV, for example via FAST channels which brings together the best of broadcast and digital.
The theme for this year is recognising the impact television has had on decision-making by bringing world attention to conflicts, threats, peace and security. How big of an impact / influence it has had on all of our lives? Why is it so important?
Although there’s less "en masse" viewing than we have seen historically, communities, nations and the world still come together through the power of TV. This is definitely the case when there are events that impact humanity - as evidenced recently by the global attention on the war in Ukraine, the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the impact and response to Covid from a local to worldwide level.

Television viewing peaked during the highest impact of Covid as we all stayed in our houses and needed the information brought to us. It was also reassuring seeing other people outside our houses and communities, knowing we were living a shared experience. No other medium brings people together in quite the same way, and this critical function only becomes more important as global events continue.
How can audiences celebrate World Television Day?
Watch some telly! My challenge is for everyone to watch a news bulletin and an entertainment programme of your choice. For those who don’t often watch a news bulletin, think about what you’ve learnt or understood by watching. There’s power in getting a view of both the local and international news of the day. And of course, sit back and enjoy an entertainment show, there’s power in having a laugh and relaxing too!

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