Telum Talks To... Kate Appleton, Editorial Director, Front & Female (Tatler Hong Kong)

Telum Talks To... Kate Appleton, Editorial Director, Front & Female (Tatler Hong Kong)

What made you passionate about writing? Please tell us your journey.
What made you passionate about writing? Please tell us your journey.
I’ve always been a words person and curious about other cultures. I couldn’t wait to study abroad for a year while I was at university and followed my passions to become a double major in English and Italian, with a History minor. In thinking of how that could translate to a career, I considered international relations and law but was most excited about working in media. A digital internship in New York set me on my way, becoming a job that gave me a lot of opportunities to cover local culture, dining, and lifestyle topics. I segued into travel and built more experience as an editor, writer, and content strategist (even putting that Italian to use on occasion). While often reporting on places, I also enjoyed the process of interviewing notable people and capturing what makes them tick. Now that’s a core part of my role at Front & Female.

Tatler launched Front & Female in 2020. It aims to focus on female empowerment via features and profile stories. Can you give us an overview of Front & Female?
Front & Female profiles groundbreaking women in Hong Kong and across Asia through features that reveal their career trajectories, work-life balance philosophies, and distinct perspectives. We also report on timely, even sensitive issues around parenthood, money, health, and sexual wellness to help open up the conversation. Our goal is to foster a dynamic, supportive community of women across life stages through our content and events; subscribe to our newsletter to keep up.

What are the areas of focus for the rest of the year?
Since Front & Female is a new platform, we have lots of plans to raise awareness and continue our editorial growth. For instance, we are launching a series showcasing the viewpoint of a female filmmaker or photographer in partnership with The Women’s Foundation — and we are supporting the Inspiring Girls charity in its efforts to recruit role models for schoolgirls in Hong Kong. The themes we’ll tackle in Q4 include body image and the new shape of beauty; changing attitudes towards wealth; ageing; and sustainability.

Any tips for PRs looking to collaborate with Front & Female? How can PRs work with you to create a win-win situation for everyone?
Tatler features many kinds of women in many ways. For Front & Female specifically, I’m interested in accomplished and/or unconventional women, especially if they are:
  •  at the forefront of their industry, setting records or winning awards
  •  excelling in a male-dominated field, be it FinTech or martial arts or
  •  working on a business or campaign with a gender focus or social impact.
Please email me with any profile pitches as well as relevant news, events, or research findings.

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