Telum Talks To... Kate Gregan, World News Editor at Today FM

Telum Talks To... Kate Gregan, World News Editor at Today FM

Telum Talks To Walk us through a day in the life of Today FM’s World News Editor.  
While every day is different, my role involves providing world news content to news and programme teams. This includes being on top of the most important stories of the day and communicating that to the rest of the station. I create a foreign news package each day - this could be looking at a quirky story in Siberia or an explainer on the Taiwan-China relationship. I also jump in the studio each day to react to breaking news, provide context, or give an update on the world's biggest stories. 

Which programmes at the station do you contribute to? 
I contribute to every programme - news never stops! My involvement depends on how a programme wants to cover a story. First Light will play my package each morning, I could then do a quick hit with Breakfast on the UK election, jump in the studio with Duncan Garner or Leah and Mark if there's been a mass shooting in the US, and then end the day with a world news wrap with Drive in the evening. 

How broad is your remit? What are you covering right now? 
Incredibly broad! In recent weeks I've covered the war in Ukraine, Kenya elections, Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, the FBI raiding Donald Trump's Florida home, a look at "swatting" in the US, an explainer on Sri Lanka's economic crisis, and - a favourite of mine - the power behind the throne at No. 10, Larry the Cat. I like to cover stories from all over the globe while providing a bit of light and shade. 

What do you love about working in world news? Are there any challenges to covering this round? 
Covering foreign news has always been a dream of mine. I've lived in a number of countries and I feel very passionately about sharing stories from every continent with New Zealanders - why they matter, how they affect us here at home. In terms of challenges, well, the world is a big place so I sadly can't cover everything!

What does your ideal PR pitch look like? 
Often I will receive a pitch and it will be a story about New Zealand or a New Zealander. Great pitches are ones about New Zealanders doing incredible things overseas, or a story from overseas Kiwis can connect with. 

Do you have a favourite story you’ve covered during your time at Today FM? 
It's been a privilege to cover the ongoing war in Ukraine - especially now when it feels like the invasion is being forgotten. I also love reacting to breaking news - running into the studio and discussing a story that is changing minute by minute is really exciting. 

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