Telum Talks To...Kriti Gupta, Social Media Editor at ESCAPE

Telum Talks To...Kriti Gupta, Social Media Editor at ESCAPE

You recently joined ESCAPE as Social Media Editor - walk us through a day in your life.
My morning starts off with community management, and my day often ends the same way. Everyone knows that engaging with your audience is one of the biggest tools in our arsenal. 

Following this, I look at the previous day's digital numbers; it gives me an idea of what's trending on the site and how social can capitalise and push this forward. Then the rest of my day is spent working on editing TikToks, Reels and Pinterest Pins, so that we can get the most out of our content on all platforms. 

Something that's been working really well for us is the Green Screen feature that allows us to use imagery in videos where video assets are not available.

Are there any travel content topics readers might not know you cover or that your team is interested in covering?
From a social perspective, any travel-related item or object is always of interest. Recently, we've had great success on articles around puffer jackets - they're all the rage this season. They are not only a hot fashion item but something people use extensively when travelling. Stuff like that always does well because it transcends what people think as the traditional boundaries of digital stories.

What do you want PRs to consider when pitching or inviting you to events to be featured on ESCAPE’s socials?
If we're unable to attend the event, we would still love to include it on our TikTok and Reels and there's a really easy way to make that happen if you don't have video footage: VERTICAL IMAGERY. Unfortunately, landscape photography is of yesteryear on social media, and it makes everyone's lives easier when we're given a 9:16 photo because that's what the key platforms use.

Do you have any PR pet peeves?
When I'm pitched a story that doesn't include a line in the message about how the PR sees it living on our social platforms.

Answers submitted by Kriti Gupta, Social Media Editor at ESCAPE.

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