Telum Talks To... Li Ning, Founder / Editor-in-Chief / CEO, GW Times

Telum Talks To... Li Ning, Founder / Editor-in-Chief / CEO, GW Times

Veteran Chinese journalist Li Ning recently launched his own media brand, GW Times, focusing on covering the transformation of China’s capital markets, corporate news, and macroeconomics. Telum Media recently caught up with him to learn about his editorial focus and professional aspirations. He also offered tips on how PRs can work with the GW Times.    

Below are the key takeaways from the interview: 
  • GW Times regularly interviews entrepreneurs, economists, and corporate decision-makers, with a view to shedding light on the nation’s unique business ecosystem. It focuses on the transformation of its capital markets, macroeconomics, and listed companies, with strong interests in the new economy. 
  • The editorial desk consists of experienced journalists, financial writers, registered accountants, and business professionals from a wide range of sectors from real estate and medicines to healthcare and consumption. In addition, the editorial operation is supported by an in-house expert team comprising scholars, economists, and analysts.  
  • GW Times values professionalism and impartiality; stories must be accurately written and independently verified. The other side of the story is always covered, giving all parties an opportunity to offer their take.   
  •  Pitches from PRs are welcomed, but they must be able to contain a fresh angle to a particular issue. The GW Times content production team are always ready to dive deep into a story through communicating with people who can offer new insights into hot topics or industry trends. 
Check out the Chinese version in this newsletter for a full version of the interview.

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