Telum Talks To... Li Yao, Editor, China Daily Hong Kong (Data Journalism)

Telum Talks To... Li Yao, Editor, China Daily Hong Kong (Data Journalism)

Data journalism is a big focus for many media organisations. Could you share with us the data journalism products of China Daily Hong Kong and what sets them apart from other editorial offerings?

China Daily Hong Kong Edition launched our Data Journalism (DJ) product in 2015, committed to analysing short- and long-term challenges facing our society. As a result, many of the issues we have covered have become more recognised.

We at China Daily look at every issue from a 360-degree perspective, and we want to listen to all stakeholders to identify where the gaps are to fill. In our monthly presentation, we use graphics, short videos and animation to explain the issue and always try to provide a solution.  

Data has always been a tool for us to serve our readers better, and we do not throw charts and diagrams randomly. Instead, we aim to offer insights and analysis in our storytelling and they are supported by evidence, relevant graphics, video animation and other multi-media elements. The end objective is to focus on improving governance and solving everyday problems, and bringing residents better quality of life.

Please share with us your readership, topics your journalists are interested in, and anything related to the editorial operation. 
Our monthly DJ reports are complete with data and information, so policymakers, policy influencers and elites can review their action after reading them.  

We are less of a product for the general public. Instead, we have a targeted audience of Legislative Council members, university scholars, corporate executives, NGOs, think tanks, trade associations, professional bodies, etc. Our data journalism content is delivered both in print or via our online channels.

Topics that have been covered include:
Affordable housing, private tuition, kindergartens, air and marine pollution, general waste and plastics disposal, coastal coral reefs, food security and nutrition, food-borne chronic diseases, graduate unemployment, start-up ecosystem, smart city planning, the big data economy, the 4th industrial revolution, climate change, ESG, elder care, public health doctor shortage, telemedicine, imported labour, minimum wage, digital solutions to brick & mortar marketing and supply-chains, etc.

Online access is available at: China Daily Hong Kong webpage that contains all DJ reports.

Our DJ reports are also available at this webpage of China Daily’s national website, It currently has a PV (page view) of some 52 million. We also have the China Daily app that has been downloaded by more than 36 million readers from 180 countries. The DJ reports can be found at here.

What is the typical process of completing a data journalism report? 
Our teams take turn to nominate topics every three months. It takes six weeks for a reporter to research and interview scholars, policymakers, NGOs, social workers, and those affected by the problem. Topics are then prioritised with a reporter assigned. Data research is done simultaneously, often including international rankings for comparability. The inputs from interviews and data research are subsequently examined for us to look into the roots of the issue being probed, complemented by graphics and video animation with narration

How can companies collaborate with China Daily on data journalism projects?
We are open to working with corporations with a corporate social responsibility budget and with an intention to show care to the community. We are always happy to mention relevant projects in the areas we cover. Corporations can also follow our DJ report calendar and find collaboration opportunities.

How should PRs work with the editorial team?
Pitch ideas that fit our DJ mission as early as you can with sources, data, and case studies. Discuss ways to collaborate. We are a fact-based organisation known for objective reporting. We can help you find PR opportunities in other sections where appropriate.

Useful contacts:
Data Journalism & General: Li Yao -
Business Desk: Sally Zhou -
Social Media: Willa Wu -
Events: Kate Yau -

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