Telum Talks To... Lisa Wang, Marketing and Communications Manager, R/GA Shanghai

Telum Talks To... Lisa Wang, Marketing and Communications Manager, R/GA Shanghai

Telum spoke to Lisa Wang from advertising agency R/GA about the firm's new brand positioning and how her experiences as a copywriter, and studies in psychology, have helped in her career.

How does R/GA's marcomms team amplify its own brand messaging as a global firm that works with its clients towards the same goals? 
As an agency we have been integrating storytelling and technology to build visionary brands for the future. Our new global brand positioning - “Designing a more Human Future” is what we “preach”. It is the perfect representation of what we are, what we can do and what we wish to achieve. By reinventing business, brand and products that bring positive impact for better living, we developed Nike+ platform with a wristband, produced digital design work such as AR Jordan and built a never before seen commerce system for Next Bank.

Does the rise of social media pressure digital and comms professionals to always be online? 
It is inevitable for the world to be soaked in the presence of social media as we live in a vastly informative digital age. We have been seasoned with the social planning mindset in our traditional and digital marketing work because the Internet of Things (IoT) is a great platform to express what connected design really is. R/GA understands how brands long for presence and loyalty with the new generations of consumers, that is why we take social media as an extra channel to culture and conversion.

What are your expectations for the offline presence of brands in the post-COVID-19 era?
One important thing we cannot ignore is the immersive, spatial experience being brought by offline events and installations. Brands who wish to stand out or thrive in these scenarios should learn to discover new ways for consumers to these experiences, following the rules of social distancing. For example, Nike Air Max vending machine provided the experience for customers to see customised design put to product right in front of their eyes.

Are there any learnings that you can bring into marcomms from your time in copywriting at DDB China and at D&AD?
I have learned that being in the creative industry, your role is not limited by your job description and most definitely not by the opportunities given. From DDB, aside from being a junior bilingual copywriter, I was curating the entire companies’ work review and showcase. From my lenses formed by D&AD’s global creative accolades, I was able to judge my marketing process and methodology through PR and communications networks and lay the foundation to form a positive ecosystem for creativity. For example, D&AD’s “win one - teach one” concept encourages awarded creatives to take up the responsibility of teaching the next generations.

You studied psychology at university, do you apply that at R/GA at all?
Throughout my entire career, I find my study in psychology very helpful within the marketing and creative industry. It is a people business after all. Always seeking communication solutions that speak to the right people in the right way. A foundation in psychology, sociology and anthropology (PSA) provided me the ability to read and tell behaviours and languages that underlie humanity, and more importantly to think objectively when encountering different views and actions. I strongly encourage anyone in the same industry to take basic PSA training or courses, it would be a great benefit to your work and life.

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