Telum Talks To...Liu Baohua, Chief Editor, Auto Business Review

Telum Talks To...Liu Baohua, Chief Editor, Auto Business Review

Auto Business Review is a monthly trade magazine featuring automotive industry news, opinions, information and trends.Telum Media recently caught up with its Chief Editor, Liu Baohua, regarding the publication’s content and editorial focus.

Below are the key takeaways from the interview: 
  • Auto Business Review’s editorial desk covers cutting edge technologies in the automotive industry, including alternative fuel, smart vehicles and new automakers (companies that combine its expertise from other industries in car manufacturing), etc.
  • Auto Business Review focuses on industry news and analysis, but the magazine has also founded or co-founded three industry awards, namely the Xuanyuan Award “轩辕奖” for excellent vehicles, the Lingxuan Award “铃轩奖” for excellent auto parts and manufacturers and the Top Auto Brand Festival “金轩奖” for excellent brand marketing campaigns.
  • In 2020, it launched a WeChat channel and started producing video and interactive content to engage with its readers.  
  • Liu believes that a good piece of industry-focused coverage must be forward-looking or provide a vision. In this connection, the magazine was among the first to look at connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) vehicles back in 2015 and identified market challengers from other sectors the next year. Its supply chain-focused award, Lingxuan, was established in 2016 and was then transformed into an industry-wide summit in 2020.
  • Liu believes that the market share of alternative fuel vehicles will continue to increase, with electric vehicles being the main drivers of growth, followed by hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles. China is likely to see breakthroughs in the self-driving space in 2025.

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