Telum Talks To... Mark Drucker, Founder / Publisher / Editorial Director at Love, Dog

Telum Talks To... Mark Drucker, Founder / Publisher / Editorial Director at Love, Dog

What inspired the launch of Love, Dog?
That's an easy one! My two Golden Retrievers, Baxter and Tucker (both deceased) and my passion for publishing. I had incredible connections with both my dogs. As dogs tend to do, they enriched my life immeasurably. I have been in the magazine publishing business since I was in my twenties and I find it an endless source of fascination and creativity. I could live without some of the insanity, but it comes with the territory. Can you imagine a life without deadlines?!

Who is Love, Dog’s target audience?
We are building a democracy here, so our audience is from the universe of dog owners and dog lovers in general. To be a bit more specific, a global audience, adults aged 25 to 64, educated, compassionate, dog loving individuals who like to keep learning and have a tendency towards holistic wellness, whether in a big city, the suburbs or in an exurban community. They share an intellectual sensibility and attitude towards people, animals, and the planet.

Your publication is built around five content pillars: Dog Behaviour & Companionship, Rescue & Adoption, Literature & Podcasts, Health & Wellness and Style & Design. Why did you decide to focus on these content areas?
We like to say around here that the publication will strive to be everything dogs want us thinking and talking about, every single day. This is so we give them the support they need for a great life, and so we can have the most amazing time together!  

How is the Love, Dog editorial team structured?
I oversee the general direction and vision. Taylor Plimpton is an editorial partner, so we're really doing it together (there's a lot of trust between us). We have a fact-checker because there is so much going on here. The big areas, such as Style & Design, the store, our curated news section (called Dog Bones), and Dogs for Adoption, each have their own editors.

The editorial team reports to Taylor and I. We are a start-up, so we don't have the big bucks yet, and we know we'll be going through the expected growing pains for the next year or so. The idea is to plan, but also take things as they come, and not have too many day-to-day expectations. That way we're flexible and can easily accommodate whatever comes our way. After all, out of the gate, we're a relatively small team.

You are launching Love, Dog on 1st September. What do you think this magazine will bring audiences that other publications haven’t thus far?
We're going to package our publication in a way that is smarter and more stylish than anything out there. The standards haven't ever been too high for dog and other pet publications. We're elevating that standard, both graphically, and with the content we'll push out into the public square.

What has surprised you the most about launching a publication from a dog’s point of view?
We have never given dogs enough credit for how they see us, know us, feel us, need us, and love us.  

Is the editorial team open to PR pitches? If so, what sorts of stories / images would you like to receive?
Yes! We are open to the following pitches:
  • Stories of companionship
  • Rescue stories and profiles
  • Search and rescue
  • Fiction by well known authors
  • Well-written essays
  • Nutrition and wellness content
  • Veterinary Care (treatment and breakthroughs)
  • Celebrities and their dogs

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