Telum Talks To... Martina Fuchs, Co-Founder and Host, Hey China!

Swiss business journalist and anchor Martina Fuchs has seen the best of both worlds, having worked for a wide variety of media outlets from CNN to Xinhua News Agency. But with her belief that personal connections are worth more than gold in the media world, she spent years in China developing her own contacts and her journalistic career in a country that she was 'deeply impressed with'. Telum Media caught up with her recently where she talked about her new venture, Hey China!, an online platform she co-founded with former CCTV anchor Shirley Yu. With this platform, Martina wants to bring to a global audience a less-known side of China, from its advanced technology to innovation. The full interview is available here.

Key takeaways for PR professionals:
  • Apart from her regular online talk shows, Martina is open to content partnership on other types of content from text to graphics. 
  • She welcomes pitches about young Chinese start-ups and entrepreneurs, especially in the artificial intelligence, electric vehicles and robotics space.
  • She is based in Europe but can be reached on LinkedIn or via her Twitter account. 

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