Telum Talks To... Michelle Lau, Managing Director, GOtrip

Telum Talks To... Michelle Lau, Managing Director, GOtrip

You have held several senior editorial roles at the New Media Group. What have been the key changes in its development directions and strategies throughout the years?
Over the past 20 years, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the media industry.  The New Media Group has gone a long way from running print publications, I have been with Weekend Weekly and MORE, to the current GOtrip online platform. We are all in the new era of online media. For our group, we have already transformed from a traditional media company to a digital multimedia company, providing our readers with a more personalised experience with our mobile applications. Whatever the format is, content is still king.  We at the New Media Group will continue to provide high-quality content to both users and advertising companies.

Please tell us more about GOtrip.
As one of the most popular travel-related content platforms in Hong Kong, GOtrip offers information about travel destinations, industry hot topics, and the latest travel themes around the world. Our Facebook page also provides tips on staycations, hiking destinations, and overseas travel. We also produce regularly updated travel guides and promotions on flights and accommodation, food and drinks, lifestyle and leisure. Apart from the online content, the GOtrip team also produces the quarterly magazine, “Weekend Weekly x GOtrip”, and the travel guide series “GOtrip FLY!”.

What are the key editorial initiatives in the second half of 2021?
Travelling remains a distant dream, and the industry is facing an unprecedented challenge. As a travel content platform, we are no exception.

We will focus on staycations and local tours in the latter half of the year.  We will also be keeping an eye out for the potential easing of travel restrictions, such as the re-opening of borders and travel bubbles, so that our readers can get first-hand information on any post-pandemic industry developments.

We are quite certain that a new mode of travel is emerging. We have discovered there is so much to see in Hong Kong, and you don’t need to go far for vacations. As we put it, “Travelling is around you; it starts here and now.”

Any top tips for PRs in strengthening collaboration with GOtrip in the future?
As an online travel media outlet, we rely on first-hand information from public relations professionals. We constantly look out for interviewees and other press materials from PRs while planning our features or other stories. We welcome pitches as well as collaborations with PR professionals.

What advice would you give to fresh graduates who aspire to enter the media industry?
I have been interviewing candidates for our Trainee Programme recently. It has been good to see so many passionate youngsters interested in the media industry. Hopefully, they will bring us some good energy. Rather than giving them advice, I would rather say I learn a lot from our young colleagues as the industry is changing so quickly and it is becoming much more diversified.

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