Telum Talks To... Nabilah Awang, Senior Journalist, TODAY
Sam Jo Yeo

Joining us from her maternity leave is Nabilah Awang, Senior Journalist at TODAY and winner of the Singapore Press Club's Rising Stars Young Journalist award. The former engineer tells us how she found her way into journalism, what she looks for in stories and why PR professionals should bear in mind speed and audience.

Here are some highlights:

- From engineering to theatre to newsroom operations, Nabilah had worked in various professions before finding her way into journalism. She enjoys the thrill of doing and learning something different every day. (00:28)

- One story she is proud of is her piece on Malaysian workers sleeping rough near Kranji MRT, following Malaysia's lockdown. Not only did it take a lot of legwork and coaxing before her newsmakers opened up, many Singaporeans also offered their homes to the workers after her story ran. (2:07)

- As a reporter who covers health and community issues, Nabilah likes to approach stories from a human interest angle. She also likes to cover trendy pieces that TODAY's audience of young working professionals can relate to. (4:13)

- Journalists work under pressure every day and sometimes it can be hard to get reactions from people on the street. That said, it is important to keep stories objective and balanced. (5:10)

- Nabilah keeps a list of PR people that she goes to when she needs quick reactions and quotes as most of her stories have a quick turnaround. Pitching with a proposed angle that caters to TODAY's target audience also helps. (7:05)

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