Telum Talks To… Nicole Slater, Editor-in-Chief, Hong Kong Living Ltd

Telum Talks To… Nicole Slater, Editor-in-Chief, Hong Kong Living Ltd

Please tell us more about Hong Kong Living and your current role?
Hong Kong Living is a Hong Kong-based media company which consists of four monthly print magazines, Hong Kong Living, Expat Parent, Southside & The Peak and Sai Kung & Clearwater Bay, along with a digital platform We also operate the Hong Kong Dining Awards and several other live events. As Editor-in-Chief, I set the editorial tone and oversee all the content for the company.

What is your day like as the Editor-in-Chief? Could you share with us your top tips for success?
Every day is different, which is one of the perks of the role. Some days the team and I will be planning and directing cover photo shoots with some of Hong Kong’s elite, while during our busier production weeks we'll be proofreading and editing the magazines before they go to print. Under “normal” circumstances, we host several wonderful events each month, including our Influencer Awards and Bar Awards. For the past 12 months the key has been to maintain a flexible mindset. Some months there have been drastic changes under Covid restrictions, and we’ve scrapped the entire cover story. It’s important not to get too attached to a story or idea. If it doesn’t work, don't waste time forcing it.

What is the most memorable story you’ve been involved with is?
Not so much a story, but one of my most memorable cover shoots was for Sai Kung magazine and International Women's Day with legendary photographer Graham Uden. It was forecast to rain that day, but turned into a red rainstorm an hour before the shoot. Since everyone was already on their way, we decided to go ahead. We found an undercover location and kept drying the area to make sure the cover stars and equipment were kept in pristine condition. The photo turned out wonderfully though, so I'd say it was worth the extra effort. 

What exciting changes are happening at Hong Kong Living? 
Fingers crossed events can slowly come back this year as we have several new and very exciting plans in place for events. We have also put a lot more focus on growing our digital footprint. Last year we consolidated all of our brands under the Hong Kong Living umbrella and introduced breaking news, which has had a really positive response and increased web traffic.

What makes a perfect Hong Kong Living story?
That’s the real question. We cover everything from hiking to recycling, parenting, family, health, food, finance… pretty much everything that Hong Kongers love and care about and if we can throw in a good pun we will. We like to think we’re pretty punny in the office.

Tips for PRs – how can they work with you efficiently?
Since our magazines are produced a month in advance, it really helps to inform the team about seasonal offers or products early so we can do our best to feature you in our magazines. But interviews, product reviews, latest happenings around town, all great content for us. 

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