Telum Talks To... Nikita Mishra, Features Editor, Gafencu

Telum Talks To... Nikita Mishra, Features Editor, Gafencu

Could you introduce a bit of Gafencu and more about your role as Features Editor? 
Gafencu is an international, luxury lifestyle magazine catering to Hong Kong’s leading influential, powerful, fashion-conscious individuals who have an interest in the latest lifestyle trends and the world’s leading luxury brands. It is a monthly subscription-based magazine by the Total Media group, which comes with a massive publishing experience of over three decades in Asia.
As the Features Editor of both the print and the digital sections, I handle the Spirits, Wellness, Lifestyle Features and People interviews for the flagship title as well as oversee the digital and social media platforms. Constant brainstorming, liaising and team work goes behind the daily content creation - effective team work is the secret to our well-oiled editorial machinery! 
Each month the magazine features interviews with influential movers and shakers, stylish individuals and great entrepreneurial minds. Tell us more about your editorial selection criteria when it comes to selecting profile stories. 
Let’s credit several rounds of coffee and afternoon team meets for finalising the profile interviews. In theory, any mover, shaker, philanthropist or entrepreneur with an interesting story to tell makes for a good profile story but in reality, we don’t settle for the average. There are a lot of deliberations which go into the decision behind the people we put on the cover every month - personality behind the person, how fascinating is their success story, their influence in society, their achievements, if they are putting efforts for a better tomorrow, what makes them stand out in their field, the power and positivity they exert - every person we put on the cover is there for a solid reason. 
Please share with us your readership, topics your journalists are interested in, and anything related to the editorial operation.
We are always looking out for intriguing profiles for the cover and the inside pages, unique angles for our features which range from local, regional and international topics. As far as the digital edition goes, new gadgets, restaurant openings, trends in the luxury segment, events and cultural happenings make for interesting stories. 

What are the areas of focus for the rest of the year? New plans for the rest of the year or early next year?
End of the year is always a busy time for the team with our Power 300 issue due in December - it’s a dynamic list of the most influential, powerful, entrepreneurial names of the city. Some other special editions are in the works for January besides the regular publishing and digital work - it’s that time of the year when we go from overwhelmed-with-work to inspired-with-passion on an hourly-basis!
Any tips for PRs looking to collaborate with Gafencu? How can PRs work with you to create a win-win situation for everyone?
PR pitches are always welcome. I am meticulous about reading emails and reply as much as possible. I’ve worked as a PR / Comms consultant for a short span of time and totally understand the value which PRs bring to the table and the amount of work which goes into creating a single pitch or press release. Apologies in advance for the rare occasion an email slips through the cracks - it does help if PRs follow-up. Don’t overdo it though!

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