Telum Talks To… Pakkee Tan, Editor-in-Chief, GRAZIA Singapore

Telum Talks To… Pakkee Tan, Editor-in-Chief, GRAZIA Singapore

Congratulations on the launch of GRAZIA Singapore! Tell us more about the magazine and who your readers are?
For those of you who are not familiar with the title, a short introduction - GRAZIA was founded in Italy in 1938 and for 85 years, it has served as a guide to women everywhere on matters of style, beauty and culture. It is our immense pleasure to introduce this historic fashion title from one of the world’s top fashion capitals to the Southeast Asian region, alongside our sister publication in Malaysia, and to carry its proverbial flame to our bustling part of the world.

What sets your magazine apart from other luxury media titles?
If you look at the fashion publishing scene in Singapore, we have titles from all the major fashion capitals - the US, France - but we have yet to have one from Italy. GRAZIA is an emblematic fashion title from The Beautiful Country and it has such a global reach with its international network, so we hope to bring its signature flair to Southeast Asia. Editorially, we are going to be focusing on celebrating Asian talent from all corners of the world, whether it's a buzzy new fashion designer or a celebrity making waves in Hollywood.

Can you tell us a bit more about your role as Editor-in-Chief and what it entails?
As Editor-in-Chief, I oversee GRAZIA Singapore’s editorial output across print, digital, and social media. It also involves a lot of strategising and thinking of ways to position GRAZIA in Singapore.

What are the editorial plans for 2023? What kind of content can readers expect from GRAZIA Singapore?
Our aim this year is for GRAZIA Singapore to inspire and provoke our readers with bold, compelling content powered by purpose, shining the spotlight on Asian talent, so you can expect top-in-class fashion editorials, fascinating stories from the region and beyond, and exciting celebrity features on all our platforms.

What are three things you would expect from a good PR pitch?
Newsworthiness, an interesting angle, and beautiful pictures. Exclusive assets help too.

What is your greatest achievement in your journalism career?
I don't think I have one specific achievement that I can pin down, but I have been very fortunate in my career to have launched so many exciting media brands like Buro, E! Asia, Vogue Singapore, and now, GRAZIA Singapore!

In regards to the luxury lifestyle scene, have you witnessed any major changes or evolutions? How do you expect the sector to perform in the coming years?
I think the luxury lifestyle scene has changed greatly after Covid - we're seeing the increase in frequency of more intimate events for top tier clients, and brands are looking for ways to reach out to more affluent customers. There is still space for big moments with brands to engage their VICs, but we're seeing more small group events taking place. I think the sector will do very well in the coming years - luxury spending has increased and I expect it to be on the upward trend, despite the forecast of a recession.

What is one quality you would say is important for someone to possess to work in the magazine publishing scene?
I think tenacity, creative thinking and a willingness to roll up your sleeves (figuratively) and get the work done, all with a positive attitude, is what's important.

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