Telum Talks to Peter Catterall, Editor and Reporter, Pandaily

Pandaily is a Beijing-based online media platform with a mission of bringing news about China’s innovation to the international community. Telum Media recently caught up with Peter Catterall, an Editor and Reporter, where he spoke about how he covers the growing Metaverse ecosystem and other technological developments in China. 

Watch the whole video or jump ahead to these questions:
  • 0:09 - What is your typical day of work like?
  • 2:07 - What are the hot trends in NFT and Metaverse?
  • 4:19 - Any other hot button issues in Metaverse?
  • 4:48 - Apart from Metaverse and NFT, what do you cover?
  • 6:14 - Can you tell us about Pandaily's readership?
  • 7:36 - How big is your team?
  • 8:18 - Do you work with PRs in getting your stories done?
  • 9:17 - How about PRs outside Mainland China?
  • 10:00 - Dos and Don'ts for PRs who want to pitch?
  • 11:25 - When is the best time to engage?
  • 11:54 - Your advice to corporates on navigating China's regulatory changes?

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