Telum Talks To...Peter Shadbolt, Editor, FinanceAsia and CorporateTreasurer

Telum Talks To...Peter Shadbolt, Editor, FinanceAsia and CorporateTreasurer

Could you tell us more about the recent changes at FinanceAsia and CorporateTreasurer and your new role as Editor?
We’re basically concentrating on what we do best – providing high-quality and engaging events in the region alongside incisive analysis and coverage of capital markets and corporate treasury. Like many businesses around the world, we’ve been hit by COVID-19 which means that we can’t operate at the capacity we once did, however, this is a very intelligent restructure. We’ve kept what’s essential to the brands and, in general, I’d say there’s a strong mood of optimism at Haymarket. On the commercial side, we have some of the most talented people in the business and on editorial we’ve retained all the connections we need to keep delivering what our readers have come to expect from two of the most reputable titles in financial journalism in Asia.

With these adjustments, please share with us your content strategies and publication schedule?
At the moment, we’ve scaled back the CorporateTreasurer from a four-day a week newsletter to two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and FinanceAsia to a newsletter once a week (Wednesday). Our print publications of FinanceAsia will continue through two more editions in 2020 after which we’ll be assessing the situation. Nothing has really changed with our content strategies, meanwhile. CorporateTreasurer will continue to deliver the best in risk management, regulation and foreign exchange – everything that touches on the work of treasury in the region. FinanceAsia ​​​​​still has a strong stable of contributors and will be covering debt and capital markets, adding the insights behind the headlines.

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, media management is as important as ever for businesses and industries to get their messages across. What are your tips to PR professionals who want to engage with FinanceAsia and CorporateTreasurer?
I’d say that at Haymarket we’re very open to approaches from PR and will consider all types of pitches. In general, I’d say the calibre of the pitches has improved immeasurably. Anything that touches on current events – COVID-19 in particular – and how that will move markets or how it will cause treasury to assess risk will be of interest to us.

This region has seen fewer cases of COVID-19 recently and some of the lockdown measures have been eased. In your view, any hot topics to cover or to keep an eye on in the coming months?
I’d say there isn’t a media company in the world that isn’t watching for signs of COVID recovery and how that will play out. Commodities, in particular, have been fascinating to watch in this incredible time of volatility. The pandemic has pretty much reshuffled the deck from a financial point of view and we’re likely to be in a very different world after this summer.

Please tell us a bit about your professional journey. As a veteran journalist, any tips to young reporters who want to develop their career in your field?
I know many old lags might say ‘consider another profession’ but journalism – in particular digital journalism – has shown there’s plenty of life left yet in the Fourth Estate. You might not get paid like a banker but, in the words of one of my wire journalist mentors who covered just about every independence movement and revolution in Africa during the 1960s, ‘you’ll have all the fun’. 

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